Jeff Aronin; Bio-scientist with a Philanthropist Heart

Jeff Aronin has spent the past twenty years producing businesses in the biotech and health care sectors. Jeff is a specialist in the bioscience sector and with his experience and insight, he’s made a difference in the fields of rare diseases, drug development, and complicated science.


He’s the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a biotechnology incubator and investment firm he established to assist patients living with serious and rare ailments which frequently have no accepted therapies. Paragon Bioscience portfolio businesses use advanced research approaches to discover new drugs and medications.


Representing an innovative method of treating disorders, Paragon Biosciences attempts to discover new therapies exceeding those known to modern medicine. Even though the attempts of scientists across the generations have succeeded in producing groundbreaking procedures for treating ailments, Jeff Aronin would like to select the biotechnology to a different level.


The business is focused on helping individuals who struggle with diseases for which there are only a couple of treatment alternatives available or none exist in any way. To do that, Paragon Biosciences produces and develops innovative medical firms with the aim to make new prescription drugs and pioneering treatments.


Aronin had marketed Ovation Pharmaceuticals, employing the selling as a way to initiate a new business focused on unmet medical needs. Jeff Aronin finally founded Paragon Biosciences, an incubator and investor for biotechnology companies creating life-changing therapies, where he serves as company CEO.


Through time Jeff Aronin has fine-tuned his abilities in the fields of brand promotion, finance, and business development. His expertise has also made it possible for him to entice top CEO’s and leading scientists into the firms comprised within his portfolio, and also assist the businesses have a successful beginning.


Jeff Aronin functions as the non-executive chairman of many Paragon portfolio firms and he’s been recognized by various organizations for his work. By Way of Example, Jeff received the”Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award” along with also the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award for his devotion to the bioscience business.


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