Jason Hope: Internet of Things is Needed in the Hospitality Industry

Jason Hope Predictions for IoTJason Hope is a successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist from the United States. Just recently, the entrepreneur asked the hospitality industry to embrace Internet of Things. However, people who are still not aware of the developments in the modern technology did not understand what the businessman was talking about, and how it could transform the industry.

The Internet of Things is a popular term that is not understood by many. The term is mostly used to describe the connection of embedded computer like equipment to the existing internet structure. The word Things could represent a heart transplant monitoring implant, biochip transponders, sensors in cars or the devices that can help the firefighters in their rescue and search operations.

In the modern times, individuals in different parts of the globe have embraced the latest technology in their tablets and smartphones for tasks that were considered impossible and unthinkable several years ago. Technology has introduced wearable computing devices like the Google Glass and the famous iWatch, and this enables people to interconnect with everything.

According to a recent research conducted by one of the market intelligence firm in the US, known as ABI Research, there are more than thirty billion devices that are expected to be connected to IoT in the next three years. The Pew Research Center Internet Project also conducted a new research, and it showed that eighty-three percent of the Internet users and experts believe that IoT will have spread into many parts and benefited many people by the year 2025.

Jason Hope says that these figures are fascinating, and they will have an impact on the hospitality industry too. This new invention is becoming more pervasive, and this means that consumers are now getting used to having the latest technologies in their homes. At the end of the day, consumers will ask to get the same facilities even when they are away from home. For instance, some simple things like linking the smartphone to the A/C or heating in the room a customer is staying. The modern consumer will be expecting these things in the coming future.

Jason Hope also says that IoT application in the industry will extend and go beyond what is being experienced today. The minibar that is found in the room will be used for several other functions, apart from charging the items in a room automatically. These devices will order refills and also store information about the client in profile to make sure that if the guest visits again, then they will find their favorite snack and drinks stocked in the minibar.

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