James Dondero Has a Passion For Building a Better Dallas

James Dondero is a man who has been given a lot of blessings in life. He is a successful entrepreneur, and highly regarded investment strategist and has a wonderful family life. He is also a man who does not take these blessings for granted. He is dedicated to giving back to the world that has given him so much, and he focuses those efforts right here in the greater Dallas area. The founder and president of Highland Capital Management, LP has a passion to improve life in Dallas for everyone who calls “The Big D” home.

Dondero started his life from humble origins and has strived to maintain a connection to those roots despite his every growing success. He attended the McIntire School of Commerce at The University of Virginia, where he earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finance. His acumen in the field got the attention of corporate recruiters who immediately offered him a position with JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 1984. After a distinguished career with several prominent firms, Jim started his own investment firm in 1993. He named the firm Highland Capital Investment, and almost immediately the name became synonymous with success and skillful financial manipulation of the assets entrusted to it. Today across the united states, and around the globe, Highland Capital Management is known as one of the largest and most respected alternative credit managers in the industry. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

James Dondero loves the success that he has achieved, not because of the money, the influence, or the accolades, those things are minor in his eyes. He loves the success he has had because it has allowed him to help build a better Dallas. The project that he is perhaps the proudest of is working with the Dallas Zoo, an ongoing relationship that he is very passionate about. After the zoo lost their elderly hippo they closed the hippo enclosure. The hippo house, always a favorite of Jim, needed to be rebuilt and he stepped up to help make that happen. Jim and HCM donated a million dollars, which started the ball rolling. Soon the campaign had built more than $14M in assets and the zoo was in a great position to begin rebuilding the hippo house. Once reopened and renamed the Highland Capital Lodge, it was ready to begin welcoming zoo visitors so a new generation of hippo lovers could enjoy these majestic animals. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.

James Dondero has also worked with charitable efforts for the Perot Museum of Natural Science as well as helping to raise money for the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. These are just a few of the examples of his generosity and concern for building a better Dallas that offers all citizens a chance to grow as individuals, expand their horizons, and live better lives.

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