Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is Changing Telehealth

Famed healthcare expert Jack Plotkin recently wrote an article that touched upon what it takes to build a population health management system that is sustainable. Here is what he recommended.

  1. The very first thing that must be brought to the table is someone with expertise. The vendor must be able to supply expertise in three things. The first being technical. If the vendor cannot provide all data points that are needed, then they are not of much use, are they? The vendor team must also be able to look ahead and see what other data points may be needed that the original company has not foreseen.
  1. The second is security. Is all information and data within the system as secure as it can be? This is especially important when it comes to patient data. There is not a healthcare organization out there that wants to be in the news featured as the latest company to suffer a data breach. In these modern times, this can be the death knell of a company and can signal a quick end and bankruptcy.
  1. Vendors should have enough clinical experience to make related decisions regarding workflow and other such matters. There is no room in the healthcare industry for vendors who do not.

Jack PlotkinAs you can see, Jack Plotkin is a man who is serious about what he takes on. This is what makes him the industry leader in this particular category. He is at the top of the game.

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