Jack Huston to Star in ‘the Crow’ Reboot.

Jack Huston is most widely known for his starring role in the hit HBO television series, ‘Boardwalk Empire’. In that program Huston played a quiet, damaged World War II vet that had half of his face blown off during the war. Huston played the part with grace and nuance and he quickly became a fan favorite as the Mr. Richard Harrow. Now it seems like Huston’s hard work is about to pay off in a big way, as the English actor is tabbed to star in the reboot of the cult classic ‘The Crow’.

The film has been in talks for rebooting for a long time now and it seemed like it would never actually happen stated users via AnastsiaDate. Directors Javier Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and Stephen Norrington have all sat in the directors chair before moving on. Right now Corin Hardy is tabbed to take on the job. Hardy has apparently taken a brutal and beautiful approach to the material that has been blessed by the original story creator, James O’Barr.

After cycling through potential leading men like Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans, it appears that Jack Huston has the inside track on the job. O’Barr himself has been advocating for Sam Witwer (Being Human) to take the lead but that doesn’t seem like it will be happening. The film will be going into production soon, ideally, and we should be hearing concrete news in the next couple of months.

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