Is Sylvester Stallone Going To Make A Home In The MCU?

James Gunn seems to be very pleased with the work Sylvester Stallone did on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 feature film. The screen legend takes on the role of Starhawk, a critical member of the original team.


Even though the highly-anticipated sequel has not yet arrived in theaters, Gunn is publicly stating he wants Stallone to appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe productions. The inference here is Stallone is welcome to be a part of the third entry in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. Gunn did, however, say, MCU. Does this mean Stallone’s character could turn up in cameos in other Marvel superhero projects? The possibility exists.


Sylvester Stallone recently made headlines walking away from a massive multi-million dollar paycheck to appear in the new Expendables movie. Stallone simply did not like how the project was taking shape and walked away. He did not want to tarnish his legacy. This is the same reason Stallone opted not to do the lamented final chapter of the Rambo series. Stallone felt he could not feasibly handle the physical demands of the Rambo role at age 70.


It would seem the iconic actor is looking to make a few more film appearances before retiring from the front of the camera. As such, he is being very choosy about the types of films he opts to appear in. He definitely does not want to go the route Charles Bronson did — appearing in a number of horrible action B-movies to dwindling audiences.


Cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe surely would appeal to Stallone. The films are generally quite good and almost always draw in significant audiences. His appearance on screen is sure to be appreciated. The roles won’t be too demanding on him physically. In truth, there are only upsides to Stallone choosing to appear in MCU projects.


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