Is Steven Spielberg Going To Direct The New Indiana Jones Film

Several announced surprises have shocked fans of Indiana Jones and all his cinematic adventures. Among those surprises are the following:

  • Disney and Lucasfilm procured the rights and announced the franchise will continue.
  • Chris Pratt is very likely to star as Indiana Jones in any new films.
  • Steven Spielberg himself has stated he would really dig getting the chance to direct the film.

Consider the return of Spielberg to the Indiana Jones a real shocker. Usually, when a classic series ends and becomes a reboot, completely new creative teams take over the project.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira wonder if perhaps Spielberg simply loves the character so much he wishes to stay on board with the new version. Returning to old, familiar, and favorite territory is sometimes very enjoyable for directors. Spielberg’s next two films are, essentially, war movies. The one currently being filmed is a Cold War project and the next film deals with vets of current wars suffering from the plight of PTSD. Why wouldn’t Spielberg return to the Indiana Jones fold after completing two very serious films? An escapist adventure might be perfect for him.

Granted, we might not see the new Indiana Jones film for five years or more at this pace. If Disney wants to speed up the pace, things could end up changing.

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