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We cannot prevent disaster from happening, but we can manage and prevent disaster. On the other hand, we also cannot manage the disasters individually a helping hand is of great benefit. Disaster range from natural to human caused including war, floods, earthquakes, and drought. Several organizations have come up with a program to assist and manage disaster in the United States of America.

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading firm in the management of catastrophe globally. The firm is a leader in the distribution of global-scale logistics, mechanical services, progressive expert as well as facility management. IAP Worldwide has the mandate of serving both private and public sectors in more than 25 nations. The disaster management firm started out as Pan Am World Services, and it began in the construction of America’s first launch space complex. IAP Worldwide Services on was later acquired by Johnson Control Inc. and was renamed Johnsons Control Worldwide Services.

IAP Worldwide Services was established in Irmo with the primary purpose of offering logistics and procurement services. The company started by [providing generators to the U.S army in Saudi Arabia and later the government gave IAP the responsibility of supporting the troops in their operation dubbed Operation Desert Storm. IAP has been working hand in hand with the United States government as well as providing generators, emergency disaster relief as well as transport services internationally. Recently IAP acquired G3 System which is a British engineering company that has its operations in the United Kingdom.

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IAP Worldwide Services has always been at the forefront of bringing new expertise and professional in their organization to offer quality services to their clients internationally. The company has always made sure that their staff is made up of people who are dedicated to solving others problems. The human resource department in IAP Worldwide has the responsibility of hire employees that will dedicate the company’s mission and goal of providing world-class services and products. To apply for a career at IAP Worldwide one can go online and create a job agent.

Since its foundation, IAP Worldwide Services has been growing and reconstructing its structure to be able to distribute quality services. Recently Kaye Scholer was involved in leading the company’s reconstruction process. Kaye acted as a representative of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas as an administrative agent as well as another group of lenders including Eaton Vance and Credit Suisse financial organizations that offered IAP funds for modernization purposes.

IAP Worldwide Services is dedicated to providing quality services to their clients on Facebook, and they define success with their customers satisfactory. The company takes the clients’ problem as their own and whatever keeps their clients awake during the night is what gets them out of their beds in the morning.

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