Igor Cornelsen: The Career Background of an Investment Advisor

Brazilian Igor Cornelsen is a very respected investment advisor born in 1947, October 4, in Curitiba. He commenced with joining the Federal University of Parana, an engineering school back in 1965. After 2 good years, Mr. Igor Cornelsen made a fateful resolution to commence studying economics. He graduated and got his first job as an investment banker in 1970.

At the time, most engineers used to work at investment banks due to their ability to use sliding rules to work out compound interest rates, computers and calculator were not as advanced and widely used as now. Mr. Igor Cornelsen worked extremely hard with passion and he succeeded to make his name big in his field. He moved to work in Rio, it was a huge gap for the determined man who yearned for success and with no time he was promoted in 1974 to become a member of Multibanco’s board of directors. After 2 good years, Mr. Igor Cornelsen became the CEO of Multibanco.

Unfortunately, the investment banker left Multibanco after the Bank of America acquired it in 1978. He moved to work with Unibanco, a heavyweight investment bank based in Brazil until 1985. Mr. Igor then moved to work with a Merchant Bank situated in London, Libra Bank PLC. The investment banker was extremely excited for the huge opportunity that paid him in dollars. He kept on doing his best in his field and he represented his country, Brazil, as he was among the London workmates that moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. After 7 good years, he left the bank, but he is still a successful investment manager.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen disclosed that his idea of being an investment adviser was a consequence of his extensive experience in his field. At first, he managed funds for banks in the stock market back in 1971 and he has achieved a lot since then. The successful man shared that he does not have a unique strategy that enables him to expand his business. What he does is to keenly find out those assets that depreciated for quite a while. Igor Cornelsen is in love with Reuters news web service for they enable him to be productive by offering no bias reports.

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