Idris Elba to Debut His Directing

Idris Elba Begins Directing Career With Yardie

Idris Elba has easily been one of the most prolific stars in Hollywood for a long time, in both movies and television, especially as Russell “Stringer” Bell on The Wire. Now this time, he’ll be stepping into the director’s seat.

It’s common knowledge that a large portion of Elba’s roles are him featured in a position of power and command, and now being a director will truly test that, as he is set to film an adaptation of Yardie, a novel by Victor Headley. Elba has previously worked alongside big names such as Ridley Scott and Guillermo Del Toro and this is his chance to work from his own experience.

As far as the content goes, Yardie is the story of a man named D., who is a Jamaican cocaine smuggler who travels abroad to London to sell his own kilo of cocaine himself. This, however, puts him in a bad position because his now ex-friends know and are after him, forcing him to go on the run. Over the course of the novel, Headley shows how bad things have gotten because of D.’s betrayal of his friends and also goes on to explore what the Jamaican subculture of London is like, from the food down to the music.

Elba would have some perspective of being a black immigrant in London because his parents came from Ghana and Sierra Leone respectively and so the novel itself speaks to many of Elba’s own roots.

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