IAP Worldwide Define What It Means To Be Professional And Reliable

IAP Worldwide has been providing their services around the globe for many years now, primarily focused on logistics and procurement, and today, they offer a whole lot more than that. The company is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and they also have several other business locations that are spread out internationally. Also, because of the many contracts IAP hold with the government and army in the US, they also have a business sector in Washington D.C. Government contracts have not only gone a long way in advanced the company’s status, they they account for a huge chunk of their revenue annually. Whether public or private, enterprise or individual, IAP Worldwide is at the ready to handle the needs of their consumers.

In the shadows of their predecessors, IAP Worldwide has come a long way and had their hands in many big projects throughout US history. To this day, the company has been involved in more than 2,000 spacecraft launches out of Cape Canaveral on iapws.com. Not to mention the goods and services they supply to the armed forces, including their first contracts which had them supplying generators to the Middle East to supply the military.

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Though IAP Worldwide started out doing primarily logistics and procurement as a business, they have expanded on their services greatly since their early days. Along with being a primary supporter of the US Army and Government, IAP has acquired many companies to become a part of them and increase the quality and scope of their services around the world. Because of their large employee pool, which amounts to more than 1600 people, they are capable of providing speedy services in countries all around the world.

Weather public or private, IAP Worldwide offers their services quickly to all customers in need to hundreds of locations around the world. Recently, IAP has acquired several new companies, including Network Communications & Tactical Solutions and DRS Technologies, which are going to go a long way in improving the companies overall services offered and their precision. Today, IAP Worldwide services range from supplying armed forces to logistics to disaster relief and facility management.

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