Hugh Jackman Helped Make

Hugh Jackman Takes Paycut to Ensure R Rating for “Logan”


There is no more notable figure in the X-Men universe than the character of Wolverine, and equally well known is Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays the role of the aforementioned character.


Ever since the first X-Men movie hit theaters in 2000, the movie universe involving them has grown a lot, from introducing sequels to giving Wolverine, arguably the most popular character, his own series of movies. Jackman’s take on the character has made him even more popular and now he and director James Mangold will complete the trilogy with the release of the third movie entitled “Logan.”


What’s interesting about the new movie is that unlike other past entries in the Wolverine movies, Logan has been confirmed to be an R-rated film and is supposed to have a “violent and western” tone to it. However, one factor that led to the movie being bumped to an R-rating is the fact that according to Mangold, Jackman took a pay cut in order to ensure it would receive that rating. It’s a proven fact that R-rated films don’t do as well at the box office as PG-13 ones so Fox did feel it was a justified response, in terms of finances.


Interestingly enough, rumors of Logan being rated R began to surface after the release of Deadpool in February, which also received an R-rating and broke box office records for both all R-rated movies and ones in the X-men cinematic universe.


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