How to care for your dog

When it comes to dog care, weight is one of the most important things to consider. Making sure that puppies and dogs get the right amount of exercise and eat a proper diet is a great way to keep up on weight. Taking them for a walk twice a day and letting them play in the yard are good ways to exercise them. Some other good ways are, playing Frisbee, teaching them tricks and playing fetch. Talking to a vet to discuss how much a dog should eat each day is another good ideal, this way they do not become overweight or underweight. Feeding puppies can be a hardship, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure a healthy puppy. Beneful is really great for growing puppies who just want to play all day. It is very important that puppies get the right formula pet food. Puppies have a very high-energy life, so they need food that can support this lifestyle. That is why Beneful offers so many different types of puppy food for each specific puppy. While the kibble may be smaller for puppies, it is packed full of calories for more energy. Beneful also helps to provide all the nutrition needed for every puppy in each small kibble. It is very important for puppies to get what they need for healthy growth and development, and Beneful provides all the necessary nutrients to make that happen. Every puppy has specific needs that need to be met, some of the basic nutrition guidelines include: a high amount of calories, fat and protein; the Omega fatty acid DHA, this is necessary for the development of the brain and vision in growing puppies; Vitamins E and selenium, these are helpful antioxidants that are able to help aid the development of the growing immune system in a puppy; Puppies also require a good calcium to phosphorus on ratio to help with the proper growth of bones. This is why it is important for growing puppies to be fed the best that they can be fed, and also why Beneful is the best thing to give them.

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