How Blade Runner 2049 Can Avoid Repeating History

One of the most well known facts about Blade Runner is that it did not do well at the box office. There are many ideas as to why that is. They all range from the time that it was released to the type of cut that was released. There is one very possible theory. There is very little wrong with this ground breaking masterpiece. The only issue is that it has moved very slow. One of the things that people were expecting when they have first seen the trailer for the 1982 sci-fi classic is that there was going to be more action.

Whatever the real issue is, the sequel, Blade Runner 2049 is ready to be released in October. It is safe to say that the same issues that worked against the predecessor is likely going to work in the sequel’s favor. For one thing, Blade Runner has come to be loved as a classic groundbreaking sci-fi film. Therefore, if the new film manages to keep the style of its predecessor while bringing something new, then it will likely do well. One thing that is certain is that it has a lot going for it. Among these is the Blade Runner branding.

Perhaps one thing that Blade Runner 2049 does not want to be is an action spectacle. While it is okay for it to have just a little more action than its predecessor, it is important for it to maintain the slow, deliberate and contemplative pacing that has become part of the charm of Blade Runner. Therefore, the best way for Blade Runner 2049 to avoid repeating the first one’s fate at the box office is by being like the first one. If this film does good, then there might be more movies that may open up the universe.

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