Hope for Chronic Pain patients -Relmada Therapeutics

Relmada Therapeutics Inc is a clinical firm that deals with the development of therapies for the treatment of chronic illness. On January 2016 we announced we have filed a complaint against Laidlaw & Company UK LTD in the U.S. The lawsuit was filed in the District Court in the court of Nevada. Relmada had previously tabled in Nevada District Court, and the amendment complaint included an additional claim based on the breach of fiduciary duty that Laidlaw owned Relmada when it disclosed a confidential information it acquired when it served as our financial investment banker. Relmada is also seeking monetary damages arising from the damages we inquired while reacting to Laid’s law deceptive substitute and materials in 2015.

Relmada Therapeutics noticed that previously the Nevada court had issued temporally restraining order and an injunction against Laidlaw and its principles Mathew and James as a result of the distribution of the proxy materials and false information. The Relmada’s board members believe that Laidlaw must compensate for the loss and damages it caused the clinical-stage company and it must be prevented from harming the organization in future. We as Relmada Company and our board members are taking all the necessary actions to protect the company and the best interest of our clients. We also t the responsibility to mail our stockholders to inform them of the action the firm took to protect their interest. We are hopeful that the amendment we can address the harm caused by Laidlaw and focus on the development of our products and plan.

Laidlaw is a brokerage and investment firm and formally was referred to as sand Brothers International LTD and integrated in England with its Head offices in New York. It has been responsible for the provision of personalized financial advice and skillful implementation to private and public institutions as well as affluent individuals. James Ahern is the managing partner and the head of capital markets for Laidlaw, and his principal partner is the Chief Executive Officer to bring Laidlaw & Company to whole new level in the financial sector.

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