Holidays are Easy With Handy Home

Holidays are coming with all of the joys and the stress. Time with family and friends in front of a fire place coincides with shopping lists and extra chores and major house cleaning. If family gathers at your place, you know the feeling of wanting everything to be spotless. There are always those family members that will critique the bed sheets and find fault with the silverware. Be ready for them this year with Handy Home Cleaning Services.

Weekly bookings that exceed a million dollars make this a great platform that works for both the consumer and the supplier; making home cleaning easier than ever. Say you want your home deep-cleaned for the Thanksgiving meal. You just list the job, the starting time and the area in which you are located. Handy Home takes it from there.

Their qualified professionals see the listing. They see the starting time, the pay rate and the area. Then they can decided if the job is for them. Does the time conflict with a school conference? Is the job so far away it will not be profitable? These factors are considered. If the professional decides they can do the job, they accept it.

Now imagine what that means. No more days of trying to find someone to clean your home. No more asking friends if they know anyone who could clean your home. No more awkward interviews or background checks- Handy Home handles all of that for you. Your professional cleaner will be thoroughly background checked and vetted. You can even pay with your phone, just tap the app. Can it get any simpler than that?

Itunes’ Handy Home also works for the professional cleaner. You don’t have to try and find work anymore. No more will you have to worry about getting ‘stiffed’ on a job. No more hassles of trying to figure out taxes. Handy Home Cleaning Services makes sure you get paid. Just finish the job and tap your app and get your money. They figure up your taxes and even give you verifiable income, perfect for filing taxes or trying to get a loan. Even tips are handled through this new way of doing business.

Word is spreading from city to city about the convenience of using Handy Home Cleaning Services. They not only offer house cleaning, but also plumbing. They even have handyman services to fix that broken lock or repair a squeaky cabinet door. In the future they hope to roll out other services. Customers who have used and know the brand will feel secure in using more services by this up-and-coming company.

There are now 25 U.S. cities and London using the Handy Home brand. The popularity and simplicity of their platform is sure to make them welcomed in many more cities in the near future. Who knows? Maybe soon they will be available in your home town.

No more chasing dust-bunnies and ironing sheets for Aunt Helen’s visit. Just call Handy Home Cleaning Services this year.

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