Hillary Clinton Touts Steven Spielberg’s Film “Lincoln”

During the recent televised second debate between the two leading candidates for the presidency in the United States, Democrat Hillary Clinton took the time on Sunday night to praise director Steven Spielberg’s widely acclaimed 2012 film, Lincoln. The movie written by Tony Kushner and based on a book by Doris Kearns Goodwin starred Daniel Day-Lewis as President Abraham Lincoln and Sally Field as his wife, First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. It focused upon the efforts of the Lincoln Administration to push a constitutional amendment through Congress to ban slavery in the United States before the end of the Civil War.


Mrs. Clinton’s passing endorsement of the movie occurred while she responded to a question relating to the hacking of one of her speeches. She had allegedly made remarks during an address to attendees at a Goldman Sachs-sponsored conference in 2013 referring to both “public” and “private” positions held by candidates on issues. Martha Raddatz, one of the two debate moderators on Sunday, had pointedly asked the former Secretary of State whether her comments implied it was “OK” for political leaders to behave in a “two-faced” way?


In responding to the question, Hillary Clinton praised the ability of President Lincoln to use different arguments with different people to advance his legislative agenda. She indicated President Lincoln provided a great example of a President succeeding in getting Congress to do what “it should do”.


The film which Mrs. Clinton praised during the debate cost an estimated $65 million to produce and as of April 19, 2013 had grossed an estimated $182,204,440 in U.S. box office receipts. Whether the candidate’s public recommendation will prompt some members of the audience to watch the movie and raise that figure in the future remains unclear at this time.

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