Guilherme Paulus Sees Tech Changing Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is the current Chairman of GJP Hotels & Resorts, a company with 20 properties across Brazil. Along with his work at GJP, he is also in the top position of CVC Brasil’s Board of Advisors.

Paulus’ hotel brand has more than 5,000 employees throughout their different locations. The doors of his first hotel opened in 1995 and they have had more than 95,000 people who have been in their resorts and hotels.

Staying grateful for his life is something that is important to Guilherme Paulus. The hotel expert stays extremely optimistic through his day and tries to begin each one by showing gratitude. When he takes the time to think of everything that he is grateful for in his life, he looks forward to where his life will take him even more. It’s also important to try to stay organized and he also starts his day by writing out what he needs to do for the week. This makes him feel as if he is more productive and also empowered about what he has to do.

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It’s important for Guilherme Paulus to be the first one to act in a situation. Sometimes this can be extremely intimidating to do but it can get a lot done and lead to some great opportunities. While there are times where following your gut instinct can lead to bad decisions, it’s still reassuring that you decided to go with what you thought was right for the time. If you want to bring an idea to life it’s important to have faith in it that it will be able to succeed.

Technology is very exciting to Brazilian entrepreneur when it comes to both his professional life and his personal life. Technology plays a very important role in many people’s everyday lives and he sees a lot of potential in serving his customers even better. With how fast information is shared now, he will be able to know what his customers need faster than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be in business and the hospitality industry in particular. The customer experience is changing and he wants to be at the forefront.

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