Goettl Promotes Dan Burke to Chair the Board of Advisors

Goettl Air Conditioning Company has earned its reputation for excellent air conditioning and heating installation services from the moment Adam Goettl and Gust established it. Since 1939, Goettl has prospered through 70 years of business changes and technology transitions. Its legacy still shines. The company is a pioneer in dedicated customer service. The company has various service centers in Tuscon Metropolitan and Pheonix area. It comprises of an exceptional management team with qualified professional technicians to provide excellence in technical expertise and customer service for commercial and residential HVAC installation and service applications.

Kenneth D. Godrich, Goettl Air Conditioning managing director, announced the absorption of Dan Burke. Dan Burke, the current Chief Executive Officer and President of Goettl, was promoted to chair the firm’s board of advisors. Goodrich will now assume his position as the new CEO and president of Goetl. He is entitled to bear the post in the corporation.

While he serves as the Boards chairman, Dan Burke will assist Goodrich and the entire management team with their strategic initiatives that involve the continuity of the brand. Dan will also lead the participation of the company in industrial efforts and community support. For Goettl to succeed, Dan Burke’s leadership skills have been instrumental. He is dedicated to the betterment if the brand to serve the community in an admirable way. While Dan Burke continues to lead the board of advisors in presence, Goodrich is confident that the company will continue to flourish.

For more than 25 years now Dan Burke has served the company with remorse. He has over 30 years of substantial experience in this field. He has led the air conditioning and heating industry for many years. He has served as the president of both Phoenix Manufacturing Company and the William Furnace Firm.

According to the 2010 ranking by Arizona, Goettl was voted as one of the best businesses in Arizona. During this season, Dan Burke was the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. During the 2014 Commerce Business in the Greater Phoenix Chamber Impact Award, the company was voted as the best commercial environment. In August 2014, the company was named as the GPCC member of the month. Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor, showed recognition to the company for its constant support. Communities in the region recognize the effort of the firm. For an extended period, the company has increased in efficiency. They guarantee increased job safety and high-quality services.

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