George Soros Defends Refugees Against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is one of the world’s top billionaires with a fortune estimated at $4.4 billion. He ranks position 121 on the Forbes 400 list. He is an accomplished investor and billionaire with presidential ambitions in the forthcoming elections.

Trump has always been a people person though most of his remarks border the controversial and politically incorrect topics. He has been known to make absurd declarations that divide rather than unite the people of the world. In a recent rally, Trump promised to seal US borders from refugees and Muslims once voted president.

Such sentiments rubbed off wrongly on George Soros, a human rights advocate. Soros argues that extremist groups Such as ISIS have made it their mission to divide the world along religious and ideological lines. He feels that reliable measures should be enacted to conquer this enemy. In his opinion, the extremist groups cannot be allowed to progress with their agenda and the ideas being fronted by Trump only hand victory to these groups.

George Soros demanded political maturity and responsibility from Trump and his allies. The refugee crisis and heightened insecurity can only be solved with a clear and open mind. Soros told Trump that his actions gave extremists sympathy and the refugees might join such groups. George Soros further warned the ISIS group in Syrian and Iraqi territories of defeat by determined European nations.

The Syrian refugee crisis has given Soros and his charity groups lots of sleepless nights. Soros works with a network of humanitarian organizations known as the Open Society Foundations. He founded these organizations in 1979 at the prime of his career. Soros dedicated all his wealth to the Open Societies thus contributing to their establishment in over 100 countries. In 2011, the OSF had an annual expenditure of almost $1 billion dollars.

Through these organizations, George Soros contributed to the victories of South African communities during the Apartheid struggle. Numerous scholarship opportunities were given to students across the nation while political detainees were granted legal aid during their trials. Soros also brought the OSF to Ukraine and Russian in efforts to rehabilitate communities upon the fall of the communist bloc.

George Soros has contributed to a significant extent to the building of a better global community. All his works are available in writing in the form of essays, books, journals and even videos of public forums.

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