George Soros Attends a Closed Door Meeting in Washington

George Soros is one of the richest liberals in the United States of America. Just like his fellow rich men, he has spent millions of dollars to support democrat’s presidential candidates. However, in the recently concluded elections, things didn’t go like they had planned as the Republican presidential candidate stole the show. It’s for this reason that these gentlemen are attending a closed-door meeting on Investopedia in Washington DC. The main aim of this meeting is to come up with a strategy that will be used to oppose the new president’s plans. The meeting is taking place at a hotel called Mandarin Oriental hotel and began two days ago. This meeting has also been sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club.

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This meeting will be graced by influential leaders of various liberal groups as well as leading unions in the US. Nancy Pelosi, the leader of House Democratic, is also attending the meeting. Other prominent people in this meeting include Senator Elizabeth Warren as well as Keith Ellison, the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus on This meeting marks the first of its kind since the defeat of Clinton. According to reports released by the Politico, the main agenda of this meeting is to oppose the Trump presidency. The meeting has also been held at a time when leading liberal are considering to change the approach they have been using in politics. They are also considering the role that the Democratic Alliance is playing. Many liberals also are considering the strategy they will use to win the hearts of the marginalized people as these people are responsible for deciding elections. They can trip the election to the side they feel comfortable with. This issue didn’t take center stage in this elections as Trump managed to win in his stronghold of working-class whites. However, there were issues that were brought out in this election that will be discussed at the meeting such as the role of money in politics and other critical issues such as policies that will be used to fight climate change.

However, a prominent liberal has warned his fellow liberals to learn the right lesson from this election. Some people want to create some lessons for themselves. Some of the major donors of the Democratic Alliance include George Soros, Donald Sussman, and Tom Steyer. Soros had stopped donating to the Democratic Alliance but made a comeback during this campaign where it is believed he donated around $ 25 million to Clinton’s campaign.

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary in the year 1950. During his childhood, and early years, he experienced Nazi persecution of the Jews. It’s for this reason that he escaped to England where he attended London School of Economics. Soros has made his wealth by investing in risky currencies.


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