Floods In The Southern France: € 35 Million Allocated By The State

The bad weather between July and November 2014 in southern France had caused significant damage to the region. The State unlocked this background for “help repair uninsurable property” of the flood victims. The State released 35 million euros in aid to the southern departments of France communities affected by the storms last year and € 5 million for farmers, announced on Monday, March 2 by the Ministers of Interior and Agriculture. This is something that Ricardo Guimarães BMG pretty much knew had to happen. “Between July and November 2014, the south of France was hit by a succession of heavy rains and floods, causing significant damage and the death of several people,” reminded Bernard Cazeneuve and Stephane Le Foll, in a joint statement.

“These funds will be allocated and paid to communities and their groupings based on the progress of work to help repair their uninsurable property through prefects,” the ministers said. “Under the procedure for agricultural disasters, aid of nearly 5.2 million was disbursed to farmers of the six departments to compensate the losses of non-insurable crops and funds, as part of the fund provided by the National Agricultural Risk Management, “they also announced. Examination of the aid application filings by communities is underway in the case of bad weather in November, the two ministers concluded.

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