Editing Wikipedia Entries in 10 Minutes or Less

Editing a Wikipedia entry doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow this list of steps then you will be able to edit an entry in no time. Wikipedia is considered a wiki. This means that anyone who wants to update an entry then they can. However, some pages are protected against editing. You can edit pages that are protected against editing but someone will have to approve your entry before it is placed on the Wikipedia page. When a request is submitted then an editor will review the entry. The entry is completed by clicking on the Edit Request button. Anyone that edits a Wikipedia page, no matter how big or small the entry may be is called a Wikipedian. Can’t follow this? There’s always Get Your Wiki for page creation and editing services.

To edit all entries that are not protected, then you would start by clicking the Edit Page at the top of the Wikipedia page. You will then be preceded to a new page that contains a text box. The text box will contain all the text that is editable. You can proceed with typing the text that you want to add to an entry. It is ideal to provide references with the new edited text because all entries that don’t have references can be deleted. When you are done with the entry then you should write a short edit summary to describe the changes that you made in the entry. You can see what a page looks like with your new edits by clicking on the Show Preview button. You can also see the difference between edited paper and how it looked before you edited the entry then click Save Changes button. When you have finished editing a page to your perfection then make sure that you that you press the Save button. This will save all your work and you can immediately see the page you edited on Wikipedia.

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