Dumbo Live-Action Film With Tim Burton

It has been announced that Tim Burton will be making the future Disney film and live-action version of “Dumbo.” According to an article found on reddit and written by avclub.com, Burton and his team will be using a mix of CGI and real elephants to tell the story. Fans at Anastasia Date have found that it has not been said whether the mouse character, Timothy, will be played by an actual mouse or substituted in for a person.
In addition to that, there have been rumors that the Disney Company is going to be re-releasing a lot of films over the next few years and re-making a lot of the classic Disney stories. Even though with all the neat technology in place these days, it is a bit hard to imagine what many of those cartoon animated movies would be like as live-action. Some argue that live action is much better than cartoons; however there is something magical about animations that allow us to take an extra step away from reality. Many people enjoy going to the movies because it is a good way to forget about life’s troubles and obstacles, and the more realistic a movie is, the more people can relate to it and make it feel not quite as excited about the experience. However, Burton is a very talented artist and it is without doubt that he will make something wonderful for both kids and adults to enjoy.

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