Duda Melzer, President of Grupo RBS

Mr. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has officially taken the presidency of Grupo RBS. This was a ceremony that was aired on TV to the six thousand employees of the company. The event was attended by friends and family at Port Alegre.

The decision about choice Duda Eduardo as the president of Grupo RBS began two years ago when he became the Group’s vice president. He then decided to pass the command of the group to his nephew and said that he was very comfortable with the choice he made because his career was solely focused ahead of the performance of the team. The Group’s founder, Mr. Eduardo’s grandfather by the name Mauricio Sirotsky, the founder of the group, he affirmed it in his speech during the inauguration period that he will have the human dimension without ever losing sight as well as the technological developments.

He said that the company has ever fascinated him from his very early age. He was ever contaminated by the dream it had and represented. He also stated that he was passionate about their high technological industry but mainly to the impact that it has on the people of Brazil. He has learned from his ten years serving as an executive that the company has challenges that are made by the people that are passionate about their work and what they do.

Mr. Melzer stated that his work has begun, and he will commence by creating a new relationship with the company. Mr. Eduardo vowed to stay true to the values that have propelled the group to its heights as well as ensuring that the importance of Grupo RBS is kept high. He promised to affirm with television, radio, as well as newspaper operations to successful partnerships. To the most of his commitments, he said that he would ensure that Grupo RBS remains a special place for all of us.



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