Dr. Mark McKenna’s Unrivalled Achievements

Dr. Mark McKenna is an alumnus of Tulane University Medical School. He is a degree holder in Medicine and Surgery which is his main career. Besides treating patients, he has ventured into business and ran McKenna Venture Investments. This company specializes in delivering quality real estate services and projects to their clients. He is also the owner and head of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. This other business venture of his runs financial advisory offices and architectural designs for buildings. Most importantly, they also deal in real estate.

Interestingly, his passion for medicine and surgery made him relocate from New Orleans, Los Angeles to Atlanta. Dr. McKenna operated in providing quality and reliable medical services for seven years before it was bought by Life Time Fitness Inc. Luckily, the company hired him as their National Medical Director. This dates back to 2014 the company has operated only for two years. His incredibility in the medical field kept propelling him higher for better opportunities. He then landed at OVME where he was appointed the President and Chief Medical Officer of the company. This is one of his recent achievements, and he is still working at OVME. Under his leadership, he has invented technological ways that have massively improved the quality of the medical services offered by the firm.

His success and great achievements have attracted many interviews where he has shared his experiences and challenges both as a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. It is the experience that he has gathered from various organizations that have made him open-minded to always try new ideas. He is currently committed to providing authenticated healthcare to his patients.

Every successful man must have a way of constantly building their knowledge. This can be achieved by reading extensively. This motive has steered him towards setting targets that he ensures are achieved accordingly. Mentors like Barack Obama are also contributors to his inspiration to crave for better operations for his businesses.

Commitment and hard work are all that it takes for someone who is passionate about achieving massive success.


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