Don Ressler’s Fabletics Revolutionizing Women Sportswear

All women want to look and feel good in their clothing. And while shopping for clothes might seem easy, they usually have a hard time making choices when purchasing athletic wear. Most of them have a hard time weighing between fashion and cost. Furthermore, there has always been a huge variation between functionality and elegance when it comes to women’s athletic wear. In 2010, during the explosion of active wear industry, two individuals, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg took notice of what the market needed, and decided to form Fabletics.

Unlike many companies that focus on current trends, Adam and Don had different ideas. They decided that they were going to focus on what women wanted, which was affordable, good-looking, and fashionable active wear, rather than what was already on the market. After doing extensive market research, they discovered that women faced similar problems when it came to sportswear. Besides poor quality, most of the available clothing did not fit properly, were uncomfortable, and to top it up were costly.

The next challenge the duo had to complete was to market the Fabletics brand to the masses. At the time, sportswear branding was general, and only a handful of companies focused on women wear. Don Ressler decided to bring in renowned actress Kate Hudson both as the face of Fabletics, and as a co-founder. Kate Hudson acted as the spokeswoman for the organization, and using her vast socializing skills was able to connect Fabletics to consumers far and wide.

Just like any other startup, Fabletics also faced several roadblocks in its early days. Besides funding, another major challenge Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had to complete was to develop comfortable wears. Many manufacturers found it challenging to make clothing that was both functional and fashionable. Nonetheless, through resiliency and determination, combined with experience in fashion, the team eventually came up with high-quality, comfortable wears.

What made Fabletics soar was that it had already established a strong online reputation, meaning they did not have to worry much about traditional marketing methods. Also, the organization set up a discount system for its members. All one has to do is subscribe to the VIP option with a monthly fee of $50, and enjoy benefits like free shipping, loyalty points, as well as discounts on all purchases. And to attract more business, the organization intends to add a collection of sportswear for plus sized women to their catalog in 2017 to motivate them to lose weight and become healthier.

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