Dick DeVos Growing Opportunity

As the son of the Amway founder, Dick DeVos is glad to apply the family fortune to help increase opportunities for others. There are many in this world who are suffering because of poor education. One of Mr. DeVos’s core objectives is to reduce the population of individuals in that sad situation. Mr. DeVos strongly supports charter schools. He believes that chartering out schools to private companies will increase quality and the professionalism of American’s teachers.

While the teacher unions for the public schools are fiercely against this notion, it is basic economics. Competition increases the incentive to improve. Since public education is a government monopoly, there is no incentive to improve it. Dick DeVos has given financially to measures in Michigan that would make charter schools become more popular. Sadly, in many cases, they were shot down by the teacher unions, who are more fanatical about keeping their jobs than increasing market quality for students. Learn more about Dick Devos: http://www.celebfamily.com/business/richard-devos-family.html

Dick DeVos wants schools to be high quality, and give students the connections that they need to succeed in the marketplace. He has identified several core character traits that help people become wealthy and powerful in life:

Compassion – Having greater concern for others motivates healthy work activity. People who have no heart have little motivation to work and help others.

Fairness – Seeing things correctly without bias removes conflict. Most of America’s political problems can be traced to an unwillingness to think objectively.

Honesty – Telling the truth, even when it hurts, builds trust and wealth. The recent trend toward lying and poor character in American students has sapped our national strength.

Humility – Knowing that there is more to learn and improve in is essential. Adults who think they are complete tend to hurt others and make poor decisions. We all need to keep learning daily.

Moral Courage – Doing the right thing when we feel scared would transform the family values of America. Dick DeVos is sad that fathers are not staying as heads of their family. This hurts children. Read more: DeVos Company Gets a New CEO

Self-discipline – Focus, even when we are bored, can greatly increase the success of American students and families.

Thoughtfulness – Thinking carefully about all of the options available, and then caring for others is necessary to have a great life.

Dick DeVos wants to see people across America practicing these values. He has found blessing from doing so, and he looks forward to seeing more people trying them as well.

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