Developing The Wealth Producing Side of Your Brain

Martin Lustgarten has found that there are certain types of brains that tend to succeed financially. In the global system, it helps to know what you can do to grow your wealth producing capabilities. This will assist you in your journey toward financial freedom.

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The brain types that make the most money are the ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, and ENTP. All of these personality types are dominated by the rational or left side of their brain. That means they act based on facts and reality, rather than their own feelings and opinions. This is one of the first keys to becoming wealthy. Acting logically, rather than emotionally. People who base their life on how they feel become poor extremely rapidly. A common brain type for a convicted felon is an ESFP, a highly emotional, temperamental, and artistic person.

Wealthy people are often cool. They lack the soft compassion for their fellow creatures that most people have. They often try to make up for it by giving large sums to charity after they make it big. The ESTJ Rockefeller is a great example. He was extremely tough on his oil workers, but after he made it big, he gave generously to charitable causes.

There are two kinds of wealthy brains. The first kind is the extremely honest and independent people, the ENTJ and ESTJ. Both of these individuals are responsible, and they value hard work and moving forward. The ENTJ likes ideas and conceptual executive roles. The ESTJ likes facts and practical managerial roles.

The other kind of wealthy brain grouping are the sly and clever people. The ENTP is the slick politician and yes man. They will say anything to get elected. They are flattering, affirming, but very cold on the inside. They have no real compassion, only political cunning.

The INTP is the brilliant scientist and innovator. It is to the INTP that we owe the efficient and modern designs of our automobile industries. INTP’s, like Warren Buffett or George Soros, often do well in the field of investment banking.

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