Dangerous Pet Diseases

Pets are like humans; they have common colds and illnesses, but they also suffer from more dangerous diseases that may or may not be fatal.

Here are some dangerous pet illnesses that we should try to prevent by being up-to-date with our veterinarian:

• OBESITY – Obesity is a dangerous problem? Why not? Like humans, pets that are overweight are also more likely to suffer heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and many others, which can cause premature death. They might have a problem of a slow metabolism, but if we check carefully, we can see that the owners might be over feeding and under exercising their pets! We love our pets, but we can swap their treats with healthier ones or make them play longer.

Feed your pets with Beneful; it contains wholesome ingredients that will provide quality nutrition for your pets to keep them happy and healthy all the time. Make sure you don’t over feed them, and just give them the right amount specified by your veterinarian. With Beneful, you will enjoy longer happy moments with your loving pet.

• HEARTWORM – Heartworm is a common disease spread by mosquitoes. It is more common in dogs, but cats are not immune from them. If the dog has been diagnosed early enough, there is still a chance that it can still be treated. Unfortunately, there is no cure for heartworm infection for cats. The best thing to do is to always have your veterinarian check your pets regularly so he can prescribe a monthly preventative procedure for your pets.

• PARVOVIRUS – This disease shows how important vaccination is to animals. Parvovirus or “Parvo” is often found in unvaccinated pets. Lucky for them if their owner notices the symptoms quickly and the veterinarian were able to catch it in time. Otherwise, parvo can be fatal to the unvaccinated pets.

• DISTEMPER – is a fatal disease of dogs. Once again this is usually found in puppies too young for vaccination, or dogs who were never vaccinated. It is a tragic illness, because the dogs will suffer from nervous system disorders that are ugly and scary at times. And even if they survive, they will still suffer from seizures and the like.

• DENTAL DISEASE – This is no joke, because it can lead to more dangerous illnesses like heart and kidney issues in pets. So when your pets start having “bad breath,” take it seriously and let them have a dental cleaning done by a professional. Or even better, start them when they’re still puppies and kittens, let them know that brushing their teeth is good grooming.

• FLEA AND TICK – Diseases borne by flea and tick can cause illness in humans and in pets. Flea and tick can be controlled by regularly using a monthly topical preventative medication, vacuuming the pets frequently especially after playing with other animals.

• ARTHRITIS – is a disease of older pets. They become less energetic and less active. The veterinarian can check most forms of arthritis and find out how inflamed the joints are. However, as in humans, arthritis has no cure; there are only some medications and treatments to make movements easier and possible.

Our pet’s lives are like ours; we have to take care of our health to prolong our life. Awareness will help us ensure a longer bonding time with our animal friends.

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