Dan Bethelmy-Rada Encourages Consumers to Make Healthy Choices

R.A.W. is a completely new line of natural hair care products developed by Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team. These products are made from natural ingredients, such as Moroccan volcanic clay, homey, Bolivian quinoa husk, and seaweeds. They make up about 70% of the ingredients in their products, and about 98% of R.A.W. products are biodegradable.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is committed to developing products that are not damaging to the environment or your hair. The process of developing R.A.W. products has not been easy, but it has been well worth it. There have been a number of challenges to overcome, such as shipping natural ingredients without them spoiling and it has been necessary to invest a substantial amount of money into the project in order to develop high-quality products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada wanted to ensure that R.A.W. products were different from all the products on the market these days. R.A.W. products offer environmentally-friendly and natural alternatives to the many chemical-laden products that saturate the market.

#LiveRaw encourages people to live sustainably and to be aware of how the products they use affect the environment. R.A.W. has also educated over 700 stylists in salons all over the United States on how to properly use the products and the methods to use when using R.A.W. products. They also educated the salons on how to live more sustainably and how to reduce their water consumption.

So far, R.A.W. has received 90% of positive reviews online, and they are expected to expand into the European market. R.A.W. is inspiring people all over the world to live more eco-consciously and to replace harmful products with products that are not only eco-friendly but also beneficial to your health.

Although many of the skin care and hair care products that we use are not actually ingested, they are still absorbed by the body and end up in your bodies. Things like lip balms are often “eaten,” and these products are simply not good for us. Even a small change of switching to a natural product makes a big difference not only for our bodies but for the environment as well.

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