Controlling Personal Online Reputation Management

Online reviews are the one way that consumers can gauge a business to know whether or not they care to shop there. These reviews allow for an insight into what type of business it is, the service at the business as well as the satisfaction level of past consumers. Many people admit that they trust these reviews almost as much (if not more than) personal references to a business.

This leaves to question the reliability of the reviews. They can be done on any device connected to the internet and can come from a variety of sources. Some of these sources do not necessarily have the best interest of the business in mind when they are doing the review. Many can even be from disgruntled customers.

An expert, like Darius Fisher, can help to negate these negative reviews and start driving traffic back into your business. It is far more than a blemish on the business, it also has to do with the reputation of the business owner. Mr. Fisher suggests a number of different strategies that can help offset the negative.

Mr. Fisher suggests building up a digital fortress to offset these issues. Building a reputation based on service and the best things in the business and person will help negate the negative reviews.

This does not mean that a negative review will never happen. Although the response that is given for and to the review can make a difference. Always stay positive. Reviewers can many times go in and alter their review. Make sure to respond to their comments and suggest to talk on the phone, or even in person. 

While talking to the person cannot alter the effects of the original review, it can help to alter perceptions of the person, who can alter their review. Also be sure to watch what is going on in the industry niche that the business is in. Having a take on how others in the same field are doing can help to gauge the strength of your own business. 

Be sure to watch your own profile online. As Mr Fisher states, doing damage control on your own level can make great strides in negating any negativity that may arise. Being sure to update your profile with anything positive can help. Being sure that people see the best in you and your business is your responsibility. Reputation control is the job of the person whose reputation it is.

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