Clay Siegall and the Battle Against Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous and greatly feared illness that can be found across the globe and effects people from every culture, religious background and age group. There does not seem to be much hope in the world that cancer will ever be defeated, a concept that is both depressing and unfortunate. While many people reel back in fright from this disease there are others who are willing to take up the sword and fight against it. One of these individuals is Dr. Clay Siegall, a scientific medical researcher based out of Seattle, Washington. Since he entered into the medical field Siegall has been diligently working in new and powerful ways to answer the issue of cancer, and has created a company in order to do just that; Seattle Genetics.

Based on the company website, Seattle Genetics focuses is main attention on developing anti-bodies that can then be used to treat and potentially defeat cancer in the future. These drugs are then tested by different pharmaceutical companies that Siegall has formed alliances with, such as Pfizer and Genetech. Since these corporations are interested in what Seattle Genetics can offer them it means that Siegall is able to not worry about receiving adequate funding for his research aims and can continue to work relatively unabated while he continues to search for a cure.

Siegall is a professional and honest man, and one that is also humble and considerate of his employees. His Facebook account reveals a man who is deeply dedicated to his task, willing to spend the rest of his life reaching his goal if he needs to. This means that he is a team player and works well alongside his allies and his fellow scientists at his company.

The world can be a dark place and in order to bring some light back in to it Clay Siegall and his staff work non-stop to do what they can in order to fight this ravenous and deadly disease. With Siegall on the job it is only a matter of time before something is revealed and we can finally tell cancer farewell.

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