Chance The Rapper Goes Out Of Control At Concert

While Panic! at the Disco were rocking out at UC Riverside’s Heat Music Festival in California, fans were having a great time. At some point the band decided to play their 2006 hit song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, and asked a guy from the stage to come up to the stage and help them sing, and little did the crowd know, it was Chance The Rapper.

As the audience were going crazy over the song that the band was famous for, Chance was acting as the crowd hyper by jumping around and getting the crowd pumped. That worked out very well because the crowd was very responsive to the song and were heavily involved with all the movements Chance was doing on stage which was making the crowd go crazy with excitement.

After the song was going on and Chance was hyping the crowd, he all of a sudden went all out and demonstrated a whole new way for artists to act on stage, ballistic. Fans like Zeca Oliveira have learned that he was literally all over the place and it seems like he was the most excited fan in the whole building.

Who knew that Chance The Rapper would be such an emo band fan and know all the lyrics to their hit from 06. That takes a dedicated person and we’re sure that as Chance was building himself to become an artist, he had to learn and observe everyone who was in the game at the time.

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