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Kim Dao Opens Up About Her Evening Routine In Japan

When someone is a fan of a certain personality on YouTube, they want to know all that they can about that person and the way that they live their life. Those who are fans of Kim Dao will appreciate this video and the way that she opens up about her life and her daily routine in it. This is the kind of video that shows the nighttime routine of an individual, and this is a very specific routine that Kim Dao has had while she is living in Japan. Those who are curious about what a night looks like for Kim Dao can find information on that in this video. Learn more:


In this video, Kim Dao talks about how she spends some of her evening playing around on her phone. She spends time just chilling by using her phone and doing what she wants to do on it. Kim Dao then goes on to explain that she likes to have a snack at nighttime. Those who watch this video have the chance to see Kim Dao as she does the things that she mentions that she likes to do at night. Those who watch this video can see Kim Dao as she actually spends a night in Japan and as she does the things that she always does before bed.


How Kim Got Started With Her You Tube Videos

For the past few years, we have featured synopses of Kim Dao’s You Tube videos about her travels, makeup, and more. The now 27-year-old vlogger explains how her You tube channel began. Kim Dao earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Australia studying Japanese and psychology. Learn more:


Her first blog began in 2011 after she traveled to Japan and decided to document it. After posting the blog on You Tube, Kim Dao began to attract attention. The attention led to Kim Dao posting other videos in You Tube on other trips, her life living in Japan, popular culture, and more. Kim Dao sometimes takes suggestions from her subscribers who have ideas concerning what kind of videos they’d like to see, from makeup reviews and demonstrations to facts about Kim Dao. She’s excited about how the social media brings everyone all over the globe together. Dao recommends people get involved in something they’re passionate about in order to bring joy to others . The best $100 she ever spent was a plane ticket from Japan to Australia to visit with friends and family. When she’s away, Dao loves using Skype to get in touch with family and friends. Dao recommends that people read Jab Jab Jab by Gary Vaynetchu sbout social media strategies. Rolf Potts is her favorite writer. Another person who inspires Kim Dao is Malcolm Gladwell, who is an author, journalist, and speaker. There are six social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter where people can connect with her.

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Famous YouTubers That Rule YouTube

YouTube is a social media site that allows anyone to upload short videos to the site. Those videos are watched by visitors to the site. Any video that is uploaded has a very good potential to go viral. Those viral videos make the YouTuber an overnight sensation on the site. Some might think that famous YouTubers like Wendy Huang rule YouTube. The social media site exploded on the scene back in 2005. It made a splash from the beginning. Here is something worth noting. The most popular or famous YouTube stars have the most subscribers. Most of the Famous YouTubers are experts at building a fan base.

Building A Fan Base
It takes time and dedication to build a huge fan base on YouTube. The fan base is the video viewer on the channel. Most of the viewers tend to become regular viewers, if they like the channel’s videos. Here are a few ways to build the fan base rapidly.
Upload high quality videos on a regular basis to the site.
Let your personality shine and just act naturally.
Start a website or a blog that you connect to your YouTube channel.
Interact with the people that view your videos.
Ask people to share your videos.

The Wonderful World Of Wengie
Wengie is a popular Australian YouTuber that has an amazing fan base. Wendy is all about fashion and beauty. She loves sharing her beauty ideas and passion about fashion with her fan base. The fact is that her channel is one of the top Asian inspired channels in Australia. Wengie or AKA Wendy Huang loves to share tutorials on everyday makeup, hair, fitness, and skin care. Wengie has a very special passion for sharing information about Asian inspired products. Certainly, this is because Asian beauties have difficulty finding information on Asian beauty products. Visit her channel for some of the best beauty and hair tutorials online. Catch her ideas for trendy fashion, skin care, and more. She delivers some really high quality brand new tutorials twice a week. Wengie is definitely natural and one of a kind.