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Gambit Solo Film May Be Before X-Men Appearance

Gambit Solo Film May Be Before X-Men Appearance

The X-Men movie franchise has included a ton of notable characters, the ever popular Wolverine being chief among them. However, another fan favorite, Gambit, has not seen a ton of screen time.

That is going to change, now with the knowledge that Channing Tatum has been cast as Gambit for a future solo movie featuring the character. Even better for fans, like Igor Cornelsen, is that there has now been a set release date for the film, which will please moviegoers even more knowing that it will hit theaters five months after X-Men: Apocalypse comes out.

For Tatum, however, he feels as though audiences should get to know the character a lot better in his own film, and thus thinks that Gambit not appearing in other films might cheapen the experience. Tatum also said that he wasn’t quite sure what to say when the idea of Gambit appearing in Apocalypse came to mind, but a small cameo might give fans something to look forward to in the end.

At the same time, giving Gambit his own individual film while teasing him in Apocalypse would be a wise move and would allow audience members who don’t already know the character to be more excited about it.

One thing for certain is that like with Deadpool, a solo film with these characters is extremely likely to pay off in the end.