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The Truth is (Still) Out There: A Spoiler Free Review of the Return of The X-Files

Cult Classic The X-Files returned to television for it’s eleventh season, on Fox, January third. This season is directly correspondent to 2016’s season ten cliff hanger ending. Recently, many X-philes have been despondent over Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Scully on the series, announcing that this would more than likely be her last season with the show. This seemed to contradict show runner, and creator, Chris Carter’s hopes that this season would relaunch the series anew for subsequent seasons. Despite the future of the franchise however, the opening episode of season eleven garnered some high viewer numbers, and assured Fox and Ten Thirteen productions that the world was still waiting for the final truth.

My Struggle III, the first episode of season eleven, continues the story weaved throughout season ten’s ‘mythology’ episodes, and picks up with the narrative of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and, most prevalent throughout the episode, The Cigarette Smoking Man. My Struggle III takes a deep focus on the character which William B. Davis portrays, and bears heavy resemblance to the seventh episode of season four, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, going so far as to reveal information on the character that had yet to be brought to the light in the twenty year old series.

Ultimately though, My Struggle III, plays like an action noir, which isn’t a bad thing in the least, but my be jarring to some long time fans that are expecting the mysterious fog of season four. The dialogue is fast paced, and you can feel the tension winding up after following up last season’s incredible mid-scene cut ending. My Struggle III will ultimately be continued in the season’s final episode, and in the meantime, we’ll get what will undoubtedly be some great episodes from long time X-files writing favorites Glen and Darin Morgan. For an indepth look at this season, and the overall arch of The X-Files, check out Chris Carter’s interview with Collider at