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White Shark Media Will Handle All Your Complaints

Starting up Google AdWords campaigns is something White Shark Media does very well. Google AdWords are a marketing tool that most businesses use to help bring in new customers. Google AdWords campaigns show up in the side of search results, or on websites owned by marketing affiliates.

White Shark has become very reputable in the marketing world that they’ve become one of Google’s premier small business partners, an honor that not too many companies earn.

To give new clients an idea of what they offer, they’ve started free AdWords evaluations where a specialist meets with the client to show them how White Shark Media would build a better campaign. They’ve had some complaints over the years, so they’ve taken steps to correct the issues that have been brought up.


One such complaint is dissatisfaction by clients who liked how their old AdWords campaigns did, and did not like the changes made. White Shark Media does not want to destroy what is already working well, so when they hold review meetings to see how AdWords campaigns are doing, they take into account all the things that are helping them perform well. They now will not totally redo campaigns without client permission.

Clients have also complained that when they were assigned a contact person, that person did not understand their needs the way the sales agent who signed them up did. So White Shark Media has put together teams of auditors and advisors who tack the whole signup process from beginning to end, and if a contact person is not quite in touch with what’s needed, these advisors can be referred to at any time.

White Shark Media is now going to great lengths to make sure no clients are out of touch with their campaigns, and through monthly meetings at, clients can get a closer, more in-depth look at their campaigns.

Signing up with White Shark Media isn’t difficult, you simply go to the company website and give them a call to find out how you can get an AdWords Evaluation. Once you’ve filled in the contact form and given them a briefing about your company, they’ll meet with you online to show you how they’ll change your AdWords campaigns for the better.

There is no obligation through this evaluation, and you can signup if you like it, but if not you can simply walk away with White Shark Media’s knowledge.

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