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Westworld Season Two Won’t Jump Timelines

The HBO series Westworld is definitely developing a strong cult following among fans of science-fiction television programs. The inaugural season of Westworld employed a number of alternate timelines in order to weave the timelines seamlessly together. All this lead to a shocking twist at the end of the season.


Season two of Westworld is not going to incorporate the concept of various timelines. Fans might be unhappy to hear that one of the “cooler” aspects of season one is being dropped. Honestly, fans should see the decision to stick with a singular timeline a good thing.


The official reason for dropping the multiple timelines makes sense. In the first season, weaving back and forth from the past to the future better helped establish the characters. Plus, the revelation of the surprise twist allowed all the different timelines to connect together.


Repeating the same conventions in the second season probably would not work very good. For one, the whole element of surprise would be gone. Reusing multiple timelines could also be deemed lazy writing and planning. The concept runs the risk of slipping into the cliche of overused flashbacks. Too many flashbacks can ruin a movie or TV show.


Another thing worth noting is not everyone gave a thumbs up to the multiple timelines. Complaints levied at Westworld season one often focused on the convoluted nature of the various storylines. Not every viewer was thrilled about the storylines being revealed as hidden timeline flashbacks.


The various criticisms about the first season have been heard loud and clear by the producers and showrunners. The HBO executives likely heard the criticisms clearly as well. Westworld received some initial bad press due to production problems. The series definitely is a complicated one to produce. Troubles are expected on genre projects with large budgets. Still, no cable network wants to read anything controversial in the trades. Streamlining the narrative could improve perceptions about the program.


The debut of season two of Westworld is still up in the air. A lot of preproduction work seems to be going into crafting the sophomore more. Hopefully, the extra work will pay dividends in the form of a continually awesome series.


HBO Readies Up a New Version of Westworld

The idea of Hollywood remakes is a staple of the industry, with old films getting a revamp or being adapted to television as part of a regular series. That’s the case with HBO’s announcement that they will be presenting an updated version of the 1973 science fiction film, Westworld.

The original film starred Yul Brynner as a life-like robot who begins searching for visitors to a futuristic amusement park after a malfunction creates havoc for the movie’s other two co-stars, Richard Benjamin and James Brolin. Made for $1.25 million by Michael Crichton, the film grossed $10 million during its time in theaters and has since become something of a cult classic.

HBO first announced plans to do the remake back in 2014 and is planning on premiering the program on October 2. It first gave a hint of what was to come when it released a trailer on the program in June. This version was created by the team of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

The cast has a number of notable names, chief among them Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, who portrays the founder and chief programmer for the park, Dr. Robert Ford. Joining him will be Ed Harrism Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden and Thandie Newton.

One of the differences in this version will be the attempt to show the vast number of innovations in robotics that have taken place in the past 43 years. In addition, the surge in virtual reality concepts will also likely be explored.