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War Dogs Coming This Weekend

War Dogs is the true story about two men David Packouz (Miles Teller from 21 & Over) and Efraim Diveroli (The Wolf of Wall Street‘s Jonah Hill) who lied and cheated their way into being granted a $300,000,000 contract from the United States to arm American allies in Afghanistan.

War Dogs is a documentary/comedy that follows the same plot formula as The Wolf of Wall Street in that there are young men who are given insane amounts of money where hilarity and debauchery is bound to ensue. War Dogs was directed by the creator The Hangover, Todd Phillips, so you know it is going to be full of laughs. Limitless star Bradley Cooper even makes a cameo, to sweeten the deal.

The movie is based on the New York Times bestselling book (and the book was based on a Rolling Stones’ article) by Guy Lawson titled, “Arms and the Dudes”. The book follows Packouz and Diveroli, two Miami hustlers that founded a gun-running business in their 20s.

Jonah Hill said in an interview with Toronto Sun, “What’s interesting is that Moneyball, Wolf of Wall Street, and this movie all feature people finding an angle. That’s the ember in each one of those stories. They’re finding a way into something – like a little loophole. In Moneyball it’s a positive thing, in Wolf of Wall Street it’s a negative thing, and in this film, it’s a very ambiguous thing. They’re not breaking the law, until they do…”

More information about War Dogs author, Guy Lawson, can be found at The LA Times.