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Walking Dead Actor Walks Away

Andrew Lincoln is giving up the battle against the zombies and Nagen. The actor who portrays Rick Grimes will only be in about six episodes of the long-running drama that has been a huge hit for AMC. This news comes as a great shock for fans of the show as this is a very far turn from the comics that the show is based on. what the exact fate of Rick Grimes has yet to be disclosed, but this has not stopped a number of the shows fans from thinking what the future for Rick holds. This reaction along with a number of other characters that have been popular with the show meeting fates that have taken them away from the show has made a lot of fans wonder are the days of the Walking Dead numbered.

The show has had a history of getting those passionate about the show to take to social media and show their love or displeasure for what the show’s creator has done over the last several years in regards to wandering away from where the comics have gone. This shows the power that the internet and especially social media can have. When people love what has happened, they take to the internet and talk great about it. When something sours the fans, take to the internet and let their voice be heard as well.

Broadcasters are getting to where they use social media to connect with their fans and have a deeper connection to them. This has also allowed social media to act somewhat like a sounding board for executives associated with a show and help them to judge reaction to either proposed plot ideas or to things that happen within the show. The reaction regardless of negative or positive can really have an impact on a show and either help it become a top-rated show or fall into the abyss and never be seen or heard from again. What will the departure of Andrew Lincoln lead to with the show, that is something that only time will be able to tell and both fans and executives of the show will have to sit back and wait for. One thing is for sure, the show will have a much different look and feel in the middle of season 9.

The Walking Dead Celebrates A Milestone

The Walking Dead’s season 8 premiere will mark a milestone. The debut episode will also be the 100th episode of the season. When the “zombie apocalypse” series first appeared on AMC, few expected it to flop. Horror fans definitely would have tuned in. The massive success of the series surely has taken everyone involved with it by surprise. The 100th episode truly is a monumental achievement.

The celebratory nature of the 100th episode is in the air at the San Diego Comic Convention. A banner honoring the 100th episode hangs at the convention for all to see.

The banner’s visuals are impressive. On the left side, images from earlier seasons are prominent. On the right side, the present and future of the series are depicted. In the middle, a proclamation about the 100th episode is joined by a simple “Thank you” to fans.

The series definitely is relying on the consistent approval of its long-time fans. Ratings have been dropping for the series, which is no real secret. While current ratings remain strong, the numbers are dropping. If the ratings continue to drop further, this could prove to be a very serious — if not disastrous — situation for the series.

The combination of poor pacing and an uptick in violence along with fewer zombies has been blamed for the series’ woes. Hopefully, all this will change in the next season. Really, changes do need to be made or else The Walking Dead probably won’t last on the AMC lineup for much longer.

The Walking Dead Is Over, Now What?

Can you believe that the Walking Dead has already finished its latest season? The season 5 finale of the show aired just last week, and many people are confused as to what they will do on Sunday nights now. Luckily, HBO’s hit series a Game of Thrones will be airing its latest season in the same time slot that the Walking Dead owned. However, there are people that only want to watch the Walking Dead and nothing else. My advice to those people is to wait for the upcoming new spin-off series called Fear The Walking Dead, which will air during the summer on the AMC network.

However, for some people at Handy, nothing can replace Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. Sadly, the only thing that these people can do is wait. The Walking Dead Season 6 is expected to air in October. Until then, all that we can do is speculate on the future of the show. Also, there are many shows that will discuss and dissect the season 5 finale. I recommend watching AMC’s Talking Dead show, which airs right after the Walking Dead. Furthermore, Screenrant offers a critically acclaimed podcast that is dedicated to the Walking Dead series.