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Education Opportunities Expand For The Next Generation Of U.K. Vintners

2016 has been a big year for U.K. vintners who have seen a high level of recognition for the work they have been completing in creating some of the best loved wines from cool climates. The work of U.K. vintners takes in many different aspects and has recently seen the next generation of winemakers targeted with the development of an apprenticeship that will educate a number of young people who the industry hopes will develop into the professional winemakers in the U.K.

The pathway to becoming a wine-making professional has always been one that took in a college education for U.K. vintners, but finding a pathway into what has always been a cottage industry in the European country has often been seen as difficult. In 2016, the U.K.’s first apprenticeship for future vintners was developed for Hattingley Valley Wines and The Worshipful Company of Vintners to make sure young people have the chance to develop a career based on classroom education and hands on experience. This apprenticeship is the first of its kind in the U.K. and many hope it will develop into a pilot program to be followed by other companies in the U.K.

Vintners in the United Kingdom have not only been honored for their success in seeking to develop a new generation of winemakers, but also for the success of the consistently growing number of vineyards in the country, which now sees more than 100 located in England alone. 2016 also saw the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium take place in southern England as the standard of the wines produced in the U.K. was recognized by vintners from around the world; the U.K. is well known for the excellent quality of the wines produced that benefit from the slower growing process taking place in the cool climate of the country, which allows the full flavors of the grape to mature before the wine is created by expert vintners.

A number of groups of vintners have joined together to develop societies and organizations dedicated to the creation and sale of the best quality wines in the world. The U.K. Vintners Society is a good example of the way more than 20 expert wine producers can come together to source the best possible wines for their customers to enjoy. The high level of expertise vintners bring to the wine industry can be seen in the expert groups that meet for tastings of different grape varieties and vintages, which are then provided for customers to enjoy in the U.K. and around the world.

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