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Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov Introduces Technical Efficiency to Private Jet Industry

JetSmarter was the brainchild of Sergey Petrossov. At 28 years old, he became an entrepreneur in the private jet industry with a mobile app. In addition to giving members the freedom of chartering private or shared jet shuttles, a social network of like-minded people was born.

In just 5 short years, JetSmarter grew from 50 employees to over 260. The Fort Lauderdale headquarters was expanded to include offices in Europe and the Middle East. Working closely with a network of charter companies, JetSmarter now has over 8,000 members that pay an annual membership fee of $14,000.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov was four years old when he was moved to the United States. He enjoyed managing car washes, garage sales, and lemonade stands as a kid. However, when he reached 18, Sergey had no clear plan for the future. He graduated from college in 2009 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in business administration/finance. His first endeavor was co-founding a company in education technology.  The company is still successful today, but Sergey Petrossov had an eye-opening experience when introduced to aviation and the unlimited prospects that software could offer.

JetSmarter continues to build from one small idea. The data from members has allowed Sergey Petrossov to move ahead with projects associated with private airline travel. Luxury residences, hotels, unique restaurant experiences, and other lifestyle opportunities are offered to the elite membership crowd. There are also great deals on booking flights when air time is slow. This keeps the industry more efficient and able to better control fixed costs. Sergey feels that if you can side-step a dead-head cost, why not? Petrossov is a natural-born entrepreneur that has found a way to improve the private jet industry by involving social interaction and adding intrigue on an international level.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov and Private Jet Travel

Between 2009 and 2012 Sergey Petrossov got deeper and deeper into the knowledge of the private jet industry. His end goal was to update its woefully outdated practices with an innovative private jet marketplace of his own. By 2013 he was ready and launched JetSmarter. The opening centerpiece of JetSmarter was an app on which all member business could be transacted. JetSmarter has since introduced many other features but this app remains vastly important. The company also made private jet flying more efficient and affordably by putting more seats in the jets and requiring passengers just to pay for a seat rather than chartering an entire jet.

Sergey Petrossov

Private Jet flying with JetsSmarter is not the only thing members have access to. JetSmarter members also have access to luxury hotels, restaurants, and residences all over the world. While they use these things during their travels, travelers gain points which can be used on their JetSmarter plan. Since its founding, JetSmarter has been finding ways to make private jet travel more affordable and thereby attracting more of the public. It has also spent these years honing its predictive hospitality so that it can offer their clients choices based on their individual tastes.

This is all so new to the public that the biggest problem JetSmarter has faced is getting people to try something so new to them. Its headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at maintains important offices in London, Zurich, Moscow, Dubai, and Riyadh. Sergey Petrossov chose Fort Lauderdale as its base because he grew up there and continues to live there because the city was already one of the main headquarters of the private jet industry in general. In all, JetSmarter has about 250 worldwide employees with usually around 15 people in the top management team.

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is Changing Telehealth

Famed healthcare expert Jack Plotkin recently wrote an article that touched upon what it takes to build a population health management system that is sustainable. Here is what he recommended.

  1. The very first thing that must be brought to the table is someone with expertise. The vendor must be able to supply expertise in three things. The first being technical. If the vendor cannot provide all data points that are needed, then they are not of much use, are they? The vendor team must also be able to look ahead and see what other data points may be needed that the original company has not foreseen.
  1. The second is security. Is all information and data within the system as secure as it can be? This is especially important when it comes to patient data. There is not a healthcare organization out there that wants to be in the news featured as the latest company to suffer a data breach. In these modern times, this can be the death knell of a company and can signal a quick end and bankruptcy.
  1. Vendors should have enough clinical experience to make related decisions regarding workflow and other such matters. There is no room in the healthcare industry for vendors who do not.

Jack PlotkinAs you can see, Jack Plotkin is a man who is serious about what he takes on. This is what makes him the industry leader in this particular category. He is at the top of the game.

Nina Vaca’s Limitless Value in the Business Industry

Nina Vaca

A person like Nina Vaca is someone who can withstand any situation with grace and elegance. The fact that she has made it so far in such a relatively short period of time is something that makes her an extremely sought-after figure, and this is why she is so discussed in the business world. Vaca knows how to create interest in herself and her business, and because of this, she has been able to reach heights otherwise not even dreamed of. Those who have been in the business world for a significant amount of time know that there is skill involved in managing yourself vs your business and many people underestimate just how important it is to have that skill. Nina Vaca is not one of those people.

Even from an early age, Vaca never underestimated the value of connecting with other people. Her parents wanted her to be involved with others’ lives as they believed that the most important thing about raising a child was to expose them to how deeply love and human connection can move us. This was a lesson that she took to heart, and it is clear by the way that she displays it within her business practices, which have made her one of the most influential and successful women entrepreneurs in the world.

Vaca’s goal in business, other than continuing to grow and improve Pinnacle, is to give the opportunities of entrepreneurship to women and children the world over. Vaca is incredibly thankful that she has been granted the opportunity to provide so many people with joy in this world, and she hopes that she can continue to do so for many years to come.

The View of HCR Wealth Advisors on Health Savings Account

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. The firm helps the high net worth class of people by developing strategies to assist them in reaching their financial goals.

According to HCR Wealth Advisors, opening a health savings account is a step clients should consider. This is a savings account where anyone can put money which can be used in the future to pay for their treatment costs. The account is strictly for qualified medical expenses. But before you get to start depositing cash in the Health Savings Account, there is some qualification you must attain by being placed in a high deductible health plan (HDHP). The requirements are as follows:

  1. Yearly deducting for an individual is $1350 while for a family is $2700.
  1. Yearly out-of-pocket expenses for an individual is $6750 while for a family is $13500.

In case you qualify to open the account, then the required limit for contribution in 2019 is $3500 for an individual and $7000 for a family. In addition, for those above 54 years of age are allowed to add $1000 in the account.

The HCR advisors point out certain advantages:

  1. The contribution made to the account is not taxed. They are free from the federal income tax because they are not added in your gross income. You can lower your taxable income if your deposits are in the form of, which gives you the power to deduct them from your income.
  1. Tax-free earnings. Growth or earnings from this account are not taxed.
  1. Tax-free withdrawals. In case of an emergency and you decide to withdraw from the account then these withdrawals are not taxed.
  1. There is no forfeiture where it is either you use it or lose it. Thus any remaining fund will be untouched and used for your future.
  1. After reaching 65 years, you are allowed to withdraw the money regardless of whether it will be used for medication or any other thing. Although you may pay income tax if you do not use the money for qualified medical expenses.

In conclusion, HCR Wealth Advisors suggests for individuals consider such an account. The advantages above are meant to show people that this is a powerful tool. This is a way to ensure accessible medication.


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Marc Beer and His Managerial Skills

Being a manager takes courage determination and astute leadership skills. Attaining a managerial position, however, is nothing; the real achievement lies in the ability to maintain the position for a period of time. This is the story of Marc Beer, the chairman, co-founder, and Chief executive of Renovia Inc. over the last 25 years that he has been a manager in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, Beer has amassed a great wealth of experience.

The hallmark of Beer’s managerial career was when he was appointed the CEO of ViaCell in 2000. ViaCell is a revolutionary biotechnology firm with a special focus on collection, development and preservation of the umbilical cord’s blood stem cells. Beer, through his exemplary leadership skill, saw the company grow from its humble beginnings to well over 300 employees.

Apart from his role at ViaCell, he also doubles up as the founding chairman of the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee. His unique skill sets have seen him become one of the most sought after gurus in the industry. He credits all these to talent, hard work and teamwork. Learn more:

Asked about how Renovia came to be, Beer reckons that it all started through a phone call he got from a renowned 70-year old gynecologist. Having seen how the gynecologist was determined to see women avoid going to surgery, he got inspired to start up his own cause. He is a firm believer in people and advises those seeking to get into the healthcare industry to learn how to gain from others and seek guidance and direction.

Beer notes that Renovia has managed to weather the storms thanks to the great teamwork that happened at the company. He ensures that he hires the best minds and would still offer guidance to those who need it to become the best they can be.

Despite the tremendous success that Beer has achieved thus far at Renovia, he is yet to relent in his quest to make the lives of others better. He regularly invests in new technologies to ensure that they are ahead of time. With this, he hopes to leave a great legacy for generations to come.

LumeN XT Names Marc Beer Chairman Of The Board

Marc Beer has been a leading figure in the MedTech world for over two decades. During that time, he’s had an impact on quite a few different businesses, helping guide many of them through multiple growth phases. This had led to the majority of them being put on the path to profitability. Because of this experience, he’s been seen as an innovative leader in the industry with a considerable success rate; this had also led to his skills and expertise being in high-demand. It’s now been announced that Beer will be joining LumeN XT as its Chairman of the Board, with both sides noting how beneficial this will be going forward.


Speaking about joining the company, Marc Beer has noted how dedicated the engineers and medical professionals have been in developing products at the company. Since being founded, LumeN XT has begun fostering a reputation for its unique and innovative products. The majority of this has been focused on illuminated surgical instruments, which has been increasingly in-demand over the past few years. This has chiefly been because the tools offer a safer, more reliable way to perform surgeries. Furthermore, it’s also been noted that the tools have been able to improve surgical precision, low-cost disposable options, and safety. In LumeNXT’s case, this has been through a proprietary heat reduction mechanism.


With the company still in its early stages, Marc Beer now looks to help the company capitalize on a growing market. When announcing that he had joined LumeNXT’s board as Chairman, Beer noted that the tools would be increasingly important over the next few years. This is especially true as more medical professionals and patients look toward less invasive techniques. Paul Rhyne, Co-Founder of LumeN XT, noted that Marc Beer would be a valuable asset to the business moving forward. This has primarily been because of his experience taking similar businesses through a few notable growth phases. As such, it’s believed that he’ll bring this to the company to help it be further seen as an innovative leader in the niche.


With over two decades of experience in the MedTech and biotechnology industry, Marc Beer has worked with a variety of different companies. One of the most notable of these has been Renovia Inc, which he founded in 2016. Since then, the company has become increasingly known for its proprietary products and technology. The majority of these have been aimed at improving the diagnostic and treatment options for a variety of pelvic floor disorders, such as urinary incontinence. Despite being only three years old, Renovia Inc has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, releasing a number of products over that time. The company’s success has also helped to further advance Marc Beer’s reputation in the industry. Learn more:


Exploring Oil Options in the Gulf of Mexico: Tim Duncan’s Talos Energy Big Pay Off

Tim Duncan is determined to explore oil options in the Gulf of Mexico. In recent months discoveries of oil and gas in the Mexican side of the gulf have triggered a “feeding frenzy” to succor drilling rights. Duncan understands that there is a risk involved but with his recent acquisition of Stone Energy he feels that it is an acceptable risk.

The merger of Talos Energy with Stone Energy does give Duncan leverage he didn’t have before. The combination of the public entity and Duncan’s private entity with both companies providing similar services was the catalyst for the merger. Duncan understands that the risky Mexican waters provide some unique challenges. It was the realization of these challenges that drove him to consider combining forces with Stone Energy.

Duncan was challenged to get the deal done so he can gain leverage on new oil and gas fields in Mexican waters. The opportunities to obtain drilling rights and utilize the newer technology was hard to resist. Duncan does thrive on challenges. In the past, Duncan was instrumental in obtaining the Phoenix field and rehabilitating it after Hurricane Rita destroyed it. Phoenix field now produces 16,000 barrels a day with the expectation of producing more.

The acquisition of Stone Energy’s assets provides Talos Energy with new resources such as the Pompano platform. These existing platforms allow Talos Energy to explore the area and make new discoveries.

Duncan’s experience in the oil and gas industry spans twenty years. He worked for Zilkha Energy as an engineer in 1996. It was while he was working at Zilkha Energy that he learned the most about geology and the new developments in the industry. Duncan pursued this interest and helped launch Gryphon Exploration in 2000. The discoveries he made there encouraged him to continue his passion. It led him to cofound Phoenix Exploration in 2006.

Exploring new oil and gas fields is in Duncan’s blood. Talos Energy is poised to uncover many oil fields with untapped resources. The lesson learned from the BP disaster won’t be repeated and Duncan’s hope is for a rebound for deepwater explorers.

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Andy Dick Fired From Film For Sexual Misconduct

Andy Dick has been discharged from working on the independent film “Raising Buchanan” for multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. While the victims have yet to formally comment, two witnesses vouched for incidents where Dick inappropriately touched at least four individuals involved in the film’s production.

In a recent comment, Dick admitted he had been dropped from his minor role in the film but denied the allegations of groping. Dick admitted he may have licked people and had made sexual advances toward some members of the cast and/or crew.

Those familiar with Dick’s legal woes are familiar with his over-the-top antics and bratty behavior. Unfortunately for Dick, the recent tumult in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s scandalous behavior casts such actions in a far-less acceptable light. While Dick understands his reputation, his initial reaction to the issue was to laugh it away, followed by denial of groping others or exposing himself in his more recent years as an actor. Dick had also brought up the Weinstein scandal with Raising Arizona’s cast and crew and felt that his opinion on the matter caused undue anger toward him.

“Raising Buchanan” is the story of a woman who robs the grave of James Buchanan in the hopes of ransoming it back only to discover that she has few, if any, people interested. Dick’s time with the film seemed fraught from the beginning: he showed up late due to a missed flight, had failed to memorize his lines and brought a friend, Paul Ryder of British music group “Happy Mondays,” onto the set who had slept soundly enough to snore during filming. One source alleged that Dick had been acting intoxicated; Dick has a long history with substance abuse that has seen him going to rehab clinics more than a dozen times.

Ricardo Tosto: The Corporate Lawyer To Government Officials And Companies Alike

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer who has been working in the corporate sector in Brazil for an extremely long time now. He is well known in his industry for his experience and expertise with matters dealing with litigation. Through the span of his long career, he has worked with a wide array of clients, all coming from different fields in the industry. He has worked closely with these customers, analyzing their current situation, and giving them the legal aid that they need accordingly. Being an expert at litigation, he has grabbed the attention of numerous large enterprises from in and around Brazil who have wanted to take him on as their legal counsel. Using this experience, he always knows exactly what needs to be done to help his clients with the current scenario that they are in. The list of clients that he has worked with all these years is extremely long and ranges across the spectrum.

Being as proficient in the field as he is, Ricardo Tosto has caught the attention of numerous government level officials, who have all wanted his legal expertise to deal with their matters. Some of his clients have even been top level government officers. He has worked with a few governmental agencies as well through the span of his long career.

Whenever Ricardo Tosto gets a new client, he first sits down and tries to understand the kind of situation they are in and their background. He is good with financials, which is why he always knows exactly how to work with the company and the resources that it has in place. He has had a long list of clients, both local as well as international corporations.

Ricardo Tosto has always been drawn towards success and believed in working hard to get to a high position in his career. He still stands by the same principles today, only now he is at the top of his field already. In addition to giving legal aid to corporates, he also tries his best to take on pro bono cases and help those people who are trying to seek justice but do not have the means to do so.

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