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New Twin Peaks Trailer Gives Sneak Peek

Fans of the show Twin Peaks have been stockpiling their coffee, donuts, and cherry pie in preparation for the new season, which will air on Showtime May 21st, 2017. Recently, fans were treated to a split-second sneak peek at a scene from the new season, and it has the Internet in an uproar.


A trailer (entitled “The Darkness of Future Past,” which is a direct reference to the beautifully crafted monologue lines spoken by Mike/”The One-Armed Man”) for the new season showing almost exclusively footage from the first two seasons and from the prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me features a tracking scene of the woods which appears to be new.


There has been a lot of secrecy behind the new season since it was announced that showrunners David Lynch and Mark Frost were reviving this long-loved show. There are no known on-set images floating around the Internet, and the cast and crew aren’t giving away too many details. In fact, we only really know who is back, who did not return for this new season, and that it is taking place 25 years after the events of the Season Two finale that aired on June 10th, 1991.


This new split-second footage has fans wondering if it was shot specifically for the trailer or if it will actually be featured in an episode from the new season. But one thing is for sure – there is still something very strange in those old woods. Fans will have to tune in on May 21st to see just what the new season of Twin Peaks has in store.