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New Game of Thrones Season Seven Trailer Revealed

The new Game of Thrones season seven trailer is very ominous, to say the least. It starts out with a paranoid Cersei Lannister who, now in control of the King’s Landing as queen of the seven kingdoms, is musing about the impending battles with the enemies that wish to challenge her throne. This is coupled with very dramatic music and a montage of the enemies as she lists them: Greyworm and the Unsullied army, a ship (possibly the Ironborn), a person cleaning a sword (possibly Dornish), and Arya Stark riding a horse alone in Northern attire.


Arya Stark’s appearance in this scene is most interesting because we know that Cersei is on her list, and it implies that Arya is returning to Westeros to come after her. With Arya’s new training from the House of Black and White, she will definitely be a threat to Cersei’s rule. Will Cersei be able to respond to all these invaders, or will she end up like the Mad King?


We then see Cersei commanding her army from atop the Iron Throne, with Jaime Lannister at her side in the King’s Guard; this is juxtaposed with their brother Tyrion commanding the Khaleesi’s dragons, and Daenerys sitting atop (what appears to be) the Dragonstone Throne. Daenerys is making a fiery speech, similar to the one Cersei made previously, “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms… and I will.” Shortly after this, Unsullied are seen clashing with Cersei’s army in King’s Landing. The Dothraki also make an appearance later on, swarming across a flat land killing members of Cersei’s army, dragons in tow.


There is then a shift in focus to the North: Jon Snow in Winterfell, Sansa Stark with Littlefinger, Wildlings running from an unseen threat, Arya huddling for warmth around a small fire, and even a cameo by Theon Greyjoy and the Red Woman. The video is finished by Jon Snow saying, eerily, “The Great War… is here.”

Rio Olympics 2016 Reaches High Ratings Because Of Phelps

The 2016 RIO Olympics have reached an immensely high set of ratings as countless athletes from across the globe gathered together in tough but still friendly competition. The true grit behind this entire event and their ratings is the fact that Michael Phelps took over the entire Olympic Games winning Gold in his first four swimming events. The event was merely his goodbye to the sport, and it was a surefire way to get millions of people to tune in to see this miracle swimmer take the podium and the pool once more.

The Saturday-night coverage on NBC rose from the night and week before. It was driven by the most decorated Olympic, Michael Phelps and his remaining events. Reaching a 16.4 overnight rating among households. More than 24 million viewers tuned in. The countless amount of people who watched Michael Phelps and his teammates take home Gold at the Team Relay Finals is what showcased even more of the growth in the ratings. Jumping into different events has been great because the traffic has helped other sports get more notoriety, but there has been a huge focus mainly on swimming and gymnastics, alongside diving and water polo.

The recent days of the Olympics coverage has reached more than 28 million viewers. The entire event is consistently racking up both views and high ratings among all ages because the competitions are reaching people from all avenues. Phelps is known for his impressive body that makes it perfect for swimming fast and going quick in the water. The entire Olympic event has almost been focused on his work, and it’s proving to be a high stake for what is getting the event more views.

Nightly Show Cancellation Raises the Wrong Questions

Comedy Central has announced that The Nightly Show starring Larry Wilmore has been canceled. The show is one of a number of comedic spinoffs of The Daily Show. The Daily Show has quite a track record for creating new stars and has launched the careers of Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Steve Carrell and others.

The Nightly Show focused on the black perspective in America. Many people said that it was an important show as it shined a light on the African American experience in the United States. And yet, it averaged just 700,000 viewers per week. That’s far less than The Daily Show, even though that show is struggling mightily under new host Trevor Noah.

There was a bit of an outcry over the cancellation. This reminds me of another recent moment in our culture, when people took to the internet to complain about how there are no Black Widow action figures in the Avengers toy line. Every male from Iron Man to Hawkeye was there.

It was explained by Marvel and toy executives that they don’t make Black Widow action figures because female action figures don’t sell. This provoked outrage and a storm on social media. The company quickly relented and began making Black Widow figures.

In both cases, people are claiming that they want something, but then when it is offered they don’t actually take it. Clearly many of the people complaining about the cancellation of The Nightly Show didn’t watch it. Black Widow action figures are, in fact, the lowest-selling figures in the line. Action figures are primarily bought by boys. Clearly, there aren’t that many girls interested in buying the Black Widow.

It is nice to feel the need to be inclusive and to consider others. But to harangue a business for simply not wanting to lose money on something doesn’t feel right. They shouldn’t be punished for simply adhering to reality.

To me, the question people should be wondering about is why nobody watched The Nightly Show rather than complaining that it got cancelled. For me, I didn’t watch the show because I just don’t think Larry Wilmore is funny. He is likeable and he can be amusing, but I don’t think he is suited for the host role.

Obviously, other people had similar feelings. That is not Comedy Central’s fault.

Netflix announced as the international host for new Star Trek series

After signing a licensing agreement with CBS Studios Intl., Netflix has been officially recognized as the host for the new Star Trek series. This new installment in the Star Trek series will be available for viewing in 188 countries, and Netflix will be the exclusive platform for viewers to tune in and watch it.

the Netflix arrangement doesn’t extend to viewers in Canada and United States, in which Bell Media and CBS, respectively, hold the rights to airing the series. All episodes of the series will be made globally available within a day of the premier in the United States. Viewers in the United States will be able to view the premier episode on the CBS television network, and following the premier, all subsequent episodes will be made available via digital subscription on CBS All Access.

In Canada, Bell Media will have the premier episode aired simultaneously with the United States release. Bell Media has licensed every episode in the Star Trek series TV library to date.

Production in Toronto for the new series is expected to begin in September, with the premier scheduled for January 2016. The 2017 premier will be series’ first return to television broadcasting since the year 2005. addition to the brand new series, episodes of the previous series will all be made available on Netflix by the end of 2016.

‘Stranger Things’ and the Influence of Steven Spielberg

The new Netflix binge-watch ‘Stranger Things’ is attracting quite a bit of attention. People from all walks of life are raving about the series, including people such as Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro.

The show stars Winona Rider and clearly draws influence from Steven Spielberg films of the 1980’s. The plot is quiet and simple. A boy has gone missing and a group of friends set out to try to solve the mystery. The kids are quite like the Goonies or the children from E.T. The show involves a number of sci-fi elements, including strange creatures and psychic powers.

There has been a steady trickle of Spielberg tributes over the past decade but frankly, you’d think we would be seeing more. Some may think this to be blasphemous, but let’s face it: Steven Spielberg is probably the greatest film director of all time.

His movies have been both commercial and critical successes. Some of his movies, like Jurassic Park and E.T. are classics that defined childhood for entire generations.

Films like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan are simply great films that are universally lauded. They hold up jut as well today as they did when they were released.

J.J. Abrams paid homage to Spielberg with Super 8, but he is one of the few to do so. Perhaps the hesitancy comes from the fact that few people could do what Spielberg does. It could be that they simply appreciate him from afar rather than try to simulate his work.

America’s Got Talent Reaches An All Time High After July 4th Weekend

America’s Got Talent is the most well respected talent show on television today. Known for discovering singers like Bianca Ryan and magic acts like Collins Key, the show is known for creating massive amounts of viral hits on YouTube. The show recently hit an all time high on Tuesday night’s show on July 5,2016. After the holiday weekend, the series rose to becoming the highest-rated episode of the season and also celebrated the most-watched episode ever since the show premiered. With more than 12.6 million people tuning in, they dominated the 8 to 10 p.m. section. It’s one of the highest rated showing in years, and they witnessed a growth of more than 10 percent in their ratings.

The CBS and ABC channels were the only channels to air originals after the weekend. Shows like Zero Movement, Uncle Buck, and To Tell The Truth aired episodes. The channels all fought over who would gain the attention and views. Millions of people watch the episode of Simon Cowell nonchalantly being intensely honest to people.

America’s Got Talent has been on the air since 2011 receiving respectable reviews for finding new raw talent every single year and broadening the opportunities of performers in all disciplines outside of just dancing and singing. Actors, entertainers, magicians, puppeteers, and performers from all sorts of entertainment have gone on to America’s Got Talent to showcase their skill and performances. The show continues to dazzle audiences year after year, alongside inspiring up and coming performers to audition for the show.

Collection Company Takes a Hit

The recent numbers from the Nielsen’s rating system have TV analysts concerned that big time network television is collapsing. The four major television networks are NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox. The data collected from the 2014-2015 television season would suggest that ABC, NBC, and CBS are almost tied for first place. The major network Fox, was a close fourth with only about a hundred thousand viewer difference from the rest of the networks. Analysts have concluded that this information is prime example of why television and its rating system is collapsing. People are no longer only able to view shows through one mode. Cell phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and everything in between can stream shows whenever viewers feels like it. Unfortunately, the streamed shows don’t go into the recorded data that the Nielsen Company collects. Only television shows watched during prime time are recorded. Unfortunately, some people are requesting that Nielsen ratings stop recording television viewership data. The company report their findings every year but without being able to collect data from suggested streaming services, the numbers for networks can be incredibly wrong. The Nielsen Company was also under heavy fire in recent years when it was reported that some of their numbers were fudged to give CBS a moderate lead in the major network line up. Alexei Beltyukov ( has learned that the company has expressed their desire to continue recording data. The Nielsen rating system is a staple in American culture and American TV. The company has also noted that they plan on fine tuning their data collection for streaming services and will continue to provide quality service to television viewers and companies.

Revenge Heads into its Series Finale

For four seasons, television drama fans have been tuning in on Sunday nights to watch Emily Thorn craft out her revenge on the people that wronged her and her father in the hit series Revenge. Well it’s a sad fact that every good thing must come to an end and unfortunately it will be the final curtain call for Emily Van Camp and the cast of ABC’s Revenge on Sunday May 4th. This should be one to remember as leading up to the series finale Emily aka Amanda has been arrested for murder of Victoria Greyson. Which everyone knows she didn’t do but has been framed for it because of their never ending feud. So it really comes down to this will she end up like her father framed for a crime she didn’t commit and be stuck to live out her life in jail or will she finally get the justice she has sought after for so long.

As for what television show ABC will add in its place or what will fill the empty time slot they have created is still unknown. As long as they steer clear of political dramas, they will probably do very well in the eyes of Daniel Amen and others. The reason for side stepping the political stuff is the fact we are heading into an election year and the last thing anyone will want more of is the fictional political drama coupled with the nonfictional candidates vying to become the next leader of the country, according to The Daily Beast.

The Walking Dead Is Over, Now What?

Can you believe that the Walking Dead has already finished its latest season? The season 5 finale of the show aired just last week, and many people are confused as to what they will do on Sunday nights now. Luckily, HBO’s hit series a Game of Thrones will be airing its latest season in the same time slot that the Walking Dead owned. However, there are people that only want to watch the Walking Dead and nothing else. My advice to those people is to wait for the upcoming new spin-off series called Fear The Walking Dead, which will air during the summer on the AMC network.

However, for some people at Handy, nothing can replace Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. Sadly, the only thing that these people can do is wait. The Walking Dead Season 6 is expected to air in October. Until then, all that we can do is speculate on the future of the show. Also, there are many shows that will discuss and dissect the season 5 finale. I recommend watching AMC’s Talking Dead show, which airs right after the Walking Dead. Furthermore, Screenrant offers a critically acclaimed podcast that is dedicated to the Walking Dead series.

North American Spine on CW: A Review

North American Spine, a leader in minimally invasive spin care, was featured on CW 33 in honor of their campaign to bring greater awareness to spinal health and wellness. According to PRNewswire, the organization gifted approximately 50 yoga mats to students attending the Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas.

The mats have been given to children both at the pre-k and kindergarten levels with hopes of generating greater interest in taking care of both one’s mind and physical form. A number of the children face development issues of their own and may especially benefit from the gesture. The CW’s purpose was to document Yoga Recess Day, a nation-wide day started by the Yoga Health Foundation. Students participating were shown some of the basic, easy to grasp, and foundational yoga techniques.

The benefits of practicing Yoga are many. Yoga can help stave off physical aliments including back pain and various forms of physical misalignment. It also promotes exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and appreciation and respect for one’s body. When practiced, Yoga can sometimes offset the need for surgery and medical attention that can occur due to improper care of one’s body. This, among other reasons, is why North American Spine’s initiative has been so well received in the community.

Yoga, even when practiced a few minutes a day, can prevent future back pain and strengthen one’s core muscles. The conditioning it provides can help prevent future injuries as well. In addition, the North American Spine organization promotes the idea of staying active and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Movement and energy are cornerstones to the healthier living yoga promotes. In particular, sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to long term back problems that could become costly down the road.

Source: PRNewswire: North American Spine on CW