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Rio Olympics 2016 Reaches High Ratings Because Of Phelps

The 2016 RIO Olympics have reached an immensely high set of ratings as countless athletes from across the globe gathered together in tough but still friendly competition. The true grit behind this entire event and their ratings is the fact that Michael Phelps took over the entire Olympic Games winning Gold in his first four swimming events. The event was merely his goodbye to the sport, and it was a surefire way to get millions of people to tune in to see this miracle swimmer take the podium and the pool once more.

The Saturday-night coverage on NBC rose from the night and week before. It was driven by the most decorated Olympic, Michael Phelps and his remaining events. Reaching a 16.4 overnight rating among households. More than 24 million viewers tuned in. The countless amount of people who watched Michael Phelps and his teammates take home Gold at the Team Relay Finals is what showcased even more of the growth in the ratings. Jumping into different events has been great because the traffic has helped other sports get more notoriety, but there has been a huge focus mainly on swimming and gymnastics, alongside diving and water polo.

The recent days of the Olympics coverage has reached more than 28 million viewers. The entire event is consistently racking up both views and high ratings among all ages because the competitions are reaching people from all avenues. Phelps is known for his impressive body that makes it perfect for swimming fast and going quick in the water. The entire Olympic event has almost been focused on his work, and it’s proving to be a high stake for what is getting the event more views.