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The ‘Thong Song’ is Back

Dru Hill front man Sisqo had some pretty big success with his first solo album in the late 1990’s. Most of that albums success was the result of the massive single ‘Thong Song.’ Released in December of 1999, the ‘Thong Song’ ear ed four Grammy nominations along with other awards. The song was a major success worldwide reaching number three on the hot 100 chart. More than fifteen years later Sisqo has put together a remake of the song with Norwegian production trio Jcy.

Sisqo’s updated version of the ‘Thong Song’ was produced with the group Jcy. The new version of the song has a lighter, tropical feel than the original version of the song. Just like the original video there are plenty of women in the new video rolling around in thongs. The new version has girls in a skating rink having a good time in Miami.

Over the years Sisqo has been approached multiple times about redoing the ‘Thong Song.’ He declined every time not really feeling moved to make a new version. His mind however was changed when heard the new version of the song done by Jcy. After hearing this new version Sisqo new it was time to get back in the studio and do a remake.

Sisqo continues to make new music both as a solo artist and as a member of the R&B group Dru Hill. No matter what he does, he his unable to escape the mega hit ‘Thong Song.’ Now with a new version for a new generation, the song is as alive as it has ever been.