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Interesting Developments: A New Pre-Sequel of “The Wizard of Oz” is in the works

The iconic “Wizard of Oz” movie has had several adaptations over the years. The one most people remember is the 1939 version which starred Judy Garland as Dorothy. The Wiz with an all African American cast is a different version of the same story. The fascination for the characters of the “Wizard of Oz” has grown in the past twenty years.


Pre-Sequels and Post-Sequels of Dorothy’s adventures were the main focus during the movie scripts in the 1980s and 1990s. The new film “How the Wizard Came to Oz” is being developed based on the novel written in 1991 by Donald Abbott about Oscar Diggs. In this adaptation the producers hope to capture more of the backstory of Oscar Diggs who became the Wizard of Oz.


RAMStar Studios plans make the film with scenes that would garner an R-rating in the industry. Cole S. McKay will be directing the film and has already reached out to Nathan Fillion to play the lead role. No production date has been scheduled and there has been no movement with casting roles as yet.


It is interesting to note however that this pre-sequel will be the second to focus on the Wizard’s role in the “Wizard of Oz” universe. The first pre-sequel called “Oz the Great and Powerful” was produced in 2013 and starred James Franco. The pre-sequel will fill a gap in the story of the wizard and help make some connections that were brought up in the first pre-sequel about the wizard.