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“The Warriors” Ready to Come Out and Play Again

The 1979 film, “The Warriors,” is in the early stages of being made into an hour-long television series by the makers of the Captain America films, Joe and Anthony Russo. The Russos will be working with both Paramount and the streaming service, Hulu, with Frank Baldwin scheduled to handle the writing for the episodes.

The original movie, which earned $22.5 million on a budget of $4 million, has been able to maintain cultural significance primarily due to the release of video games tied to the storyline. That story involved the challenges faced by a New York gang in getting back to their turf over the course of a single night. Along the way, they encounter other gangs intent on killing them, with choreographed violence a hallmark of the film.

The reason for the animosity is due to the belief that the Warriors were responsible for the murder of the leader of the city’s most powerful gang. Each of the 21 gangs that are noted is dressed in unique clothing and has a particular gimmick attached to their particular group.

One change that will presumably be seen by viewers of the television series is in the presentation of crime in the New York City area. At the time the film was shot in 1978, crime was a much more serious problem than it is in 2016. In addition, what gangs that exist now aren’t focused on fashion concerns.

Author Sol Yurick wrote the 1969 book on which the film was based.