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The Voice of Mr. Burns in The Simpson’s Quit mysteriously

Reports have been circulating the Internet that veteran actor Harry Shearer had left his role as a voice actor on The Simpson’s over a contract dispute, according to the BBC. Shearer voices popular characters Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns in the long running sitcom, which has seen a large number of contract disputes with actors over pay and other rights. However, the Spinal Tap star tweeted to his fans that his dispute with the Fox network comes down to the ability to complete other work and have some level of artistic freedom.

Shearer has been a mainstay of the animated sitcom since it first aired on Fox and has already thanked the show’s creators, producers and fans for their support and best wishes. In the past, pay disputes have threatened the future of the show, which Fox guaranteed by commissioning two more series recently. The actor stated he had been informed by a lawyer for Fox the show would go on without him if he chose not to sign up fort he forthcoming seasons. Cnet says that the guys at FreedomPop Review were pretty torn up about the whole situation.